The worst things that people do to one another

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People are made diferently in many ways and brought up in diferent backgrounds which may make them feel better or worse than others .This is often a source of discrimination and hatred among comunities .

The worst things that people do to one another

It is said that human being is a social animal. Despite this sentiment , there are worst things that they do to one another that could make one wonder whether they really are social animals. The differences in the color of the skin is a natural biological aspect that no one could change . The color of skin pigment is believed to be caused by a long period of interaction with a different environment. Hence ,it is a physiological development that aims at protecting the body from harm that could be present in the kind of climate they live in. However, this has become one of the things that has in the past generated a lot of hatred among people with different skin colors .

Just because of the way one looks, he or she is denied the basic rights to associate ,marry or live in certain areas .This could have been curbed by the national laws that have been created by various governments and human rights agencies . However, it has continued in many parts of the world in a hidden manner. A person of a different color could be bullied ,discriminated against by the majority who are different from him or her . This has led to some people been killed as a bad omen to certain communities just because of their skin color.

This intolerance to the other peoples differences has been a major factor leading to this kind of treatment to their fellow human beings around the world . It is however important to note that lack of civilization ,which comes through education and media influence is a major contributor to the kind of mindset that people hold against others. It could therefore be vital for people to open up instead of staying segregated into their own communities, in order for them to learn how to appreciate others and also be appreciated as they are .This would help in bridging this indifference .


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