The year is dead, long live the year! - a poem by Uttik

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A time to rejoice, and a time to contemplate and realize that rejoicing is available at every moment!

The year is dead, long live the year!

Is it something that happened?
What for, this celebration do we intend?
A year has been born they say,
Yet no evidence points that way,
No hospital record, no midwife hired,
No mother in distress, no father claiming to have sired.

Who was born, and what is new?

Neither planets nor stars have changed their beats,
All the gods are in their seats,

I went around a tree, and back to where I started,
I was no different from whence I had departed,
Yet I joined the other tree-circlers in their whoops and their partaking,
The rituals making me forget the me in the making.

Who was born, and what is new?

It was me, all the time, it was me, every moment,
Some part of me dying, and at every clock-tick, some part of me re-sent,
Each death and sacrifice fueled and fed each new-born,
The smiling lord thence indulged for the dying ones a last dance, a last flourish, a last look-lorn,

I saw the meaning and the purpose,
For each death, and all the fuss,
Giving it a date or a name was not the theme,
But rather, a rejoicing in the freedomless freedom of the grand scheme,
A year is born every moment, and everywhere,
Yet, it never exists, but in the phantom mind that is nowhere,
I smile, for I have escaped the trap, and the snare,
For when I see myself, there is no time, and there is no there.
The year is dead, long live the year!


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The writings are informal attempts at documenting spiritual, mystical and philosophical concepts learned through self-experience.

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author avatar L. R. Laverde-Hansen
2nd Jan 2016 (#)

This was so wonderfully put! I enjoy when poetry meditates on the seemingly common and explores (and documents) a new experience. This of course is part of the very purpose of poetry itself: to use language to reach at our very being.

Happy New Year! And many more.

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author avatar Ptrikha
4th Jan 2016 (#)

Quite well written.

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