The yellow punishment card

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Three strikes and you're doooooooooomed!!!! And, everybody who visits will walk past the yellow punishment poster, and see who is a shameful person!

The yellow punishment card

I guess it's not easy for parents to raise a house with four children. Ok, four isn't that many but they still can be a handful. Or it seems so, because our parents still seek for ways to discipline us.

The latest system they have employed is this big yellow poster, on which all our names are written. There are columns with headings like "punctuality", "sharing", "being considerate" etc. Each time one of us has a transgression, they write one X under the appropriate heading. The idea is that when you get three X's, you get a hiding.

Now why in blazes did they have to put this yellow punishment poster up in the kitchen! Now everybody can see it; everytime I have friends over like Cyan or Karlien or whomever, they can all see with glee who's been naughty and who's going to be doomed soon. It's like a favorite gossip column to them.

But, it seems it doesn't quite work because first of all, in a house with four kids all having to get along and having to all get ready for school and church at the same time and all having to fight for their space in the home, you are of course going to get a lot of conflicts and fighting for each own's interest and what seem like inconsideracies etc. The X's collect like sweetcakes on the yellow punishment board.

And of course some people get three X's but since the first two were from some time in the past, they're almost forgotten by now and being now punished for them seems impractical. Those should long be forgiven. So soon, the first hiding will come only after the first 5 X's.

Fortunately, some time this year, Father bought Elly a parrot. A beautiful, African gray she calls Mr. Shivers. Mr. Shivers lives in a big parrot cage that hangs from a stand.

And, the best place for Mr. Shivers seems to be in the kitchen. Not where the food is being prepared mind you, but our kitchen is more like a huge hall where part of it is a sitting room and the stoves and stuff are off to the other side. Woolley sleeps in the kitchen too, in a bed I put there specially for him. Well actually it's one of Elly's old big doll beds. It's good for Woolley.

Anyway, some time nobody noticed Mr. Shivers is close to the wall on which the yellow punishment card is sticked up. Mr. Shivers liked to stick his head through the bars of his cage and chew on whatever he could find.

Wasn't long before he chewed off about a quarter of the punishment card, pulling the card from the wall closer to his cage.

The card just looked too horrible and unneat for Mother to leave up, so she just threw it away.

We never did replace that punishment poster. And our parents seem to have abandoned their enthusiasm for that method. Thank goodness. It was horrible when you had two X's and knew you can never be naughty again. Because even without an intention of being naughty, when you're a child you only notice after the fact that you have been naughty.

Thank you Mr. Shivers! I love you. They always did say parrots make good pets. You saved us.


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