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This article is about Theodoric. An ancient historical figure who became ruler of not only his own tribe the Ostrogoths, but Rome as well. Read on for a quick look at how he did it.

The Ostrogoths

The Ostrogoths were an ancient Germanic, Gothic, Barbarian tribe. Who in early 400 BC, were smashed into insignificance by the famous Huns. They were unable to find a footing and gather themselves, until the Huns themselves started to break apart. Once back on their feet the Ostrogoths traveled to find a new home, heading straight into the eastern empire. It is said they were looking for nothing more than peace, and somewhere to settle down.

The Hostage Of Peace

Peace was not in fact what they found, but after some time the Romans did make them a deal. If the King of the Ostrogoths was to give up his seven year old son, as a hostage of peace the Romans would leave them alone. The king had real problems with giving up his boy, but a certain family member hounded him to do it. In the end he did, and peace was ensured. The boy was taken back to Constantinople where he would grow up, his name was Theodoric. It is said he was such a goodly child, that he easily won the favour of the then Emperor Leo and so grew up close to the Roman elite.

Theodoric The Warrior

When Theodoric had grown, he had become especially close the the new emperor Zeno. This was at a time when the Roman Empire itself was facing major problems. Barbarian tribes were running wild, looting and causing chaos in the provinces. Theodoric offered to help and Zeno had nothing to loose, so off Theodoric went to find his old Ostrogoths tribe. When he found them his people took to their heir wonderfully, maybe it was the expensive gifts he had which Zeno had given him. Whatever the reason the Ostrogoths would now follow their new leader, and off tey all set for Venetia.

Here they stopped for a rest and to feed their horses, and it was also here that a great force met them sent by Barbarian leader Oodovocar. They were no match for Theodoric and his men though, and Theodoric brutally slayed them. Then it is said with great bravary, Theodoric headed on through Italy.
He headed right on to Ravenna, setting up camp outside the royal city. It was here that Odovocar was already fortifying himself in, no push over himself he was preparing for battle. And battle he did for three long years, known for his swift night attacks. In the end fighting just caused more suffering as famine and sickness struck the Royal city. Odovocar had to give in, begging for mercy from Theodoric. At first mercy was granted, until Theodoric changed his mind and had Odovocar killed.

After this Theodoric went back to Zeno a hero, and under the advice of emperor Zeno, took of his citizen clothes for the royal costume. For now he was ruler of both Ostrogoths and Rome.


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The Romans were their adversaries too, interesting post!

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