Theories, Memories and Butterflies

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Brief discussion of time travel possibilities and theories.

Theories, Memories and Butterflies

We as humans can’t comprehend infinite measurements. That phrase alone is an oxymoron. If something is infinite, it can’t be measured anyway. Imagine that your existence is a grain of sand in the center of a large plastic ball…DEAD CENTER…now imagine that everything around it, expanding outward in all directions are the infinite possibilities from every moment of your existence. One solitary instance in your life has infinite consequences. Therefore, whatever you do,can affect everyone and everything around you in infinite ways. It’s the “butterfly effect” (from the chaos theory) where it has been said that if a butterfly flaps its wings on one side of the world (we’ll say India), then an earthquake takes place in Kansas…AS A RESULT of all the things that happen from that point, all around the world.

Flapping wings…nearby insects fly away…birds swoop down to eat insects…cat chases birds…car swerves to avoid hitting cat and crashes…and so on and so on…

Now imagine that same grain of sand, and that all the space around it is “TIME.” Time is NOT linear. That’s just humankind’s way of rationalizing the unknown. The fact that we have choices every moment and every moment has infinite effects on everyone and everything, then time and space exists in an infinite range of possibilities.

We blow our nose, someone you’re walking behind stops to look back, they avoid being hit by a car, etc. What would happen if you didn’t blow your nose? What would have happened if you wiped the nastiness on your sleeve? What if you decided to go into a store BEFORE blowing your nose? What if you tripped over something at that time?

Since time does not move in a linear fashion, then time as we know it is an illusion. If we were floating in space and there was nothing to gauge movement of time or space, and you had no previous knowledge of linear time, what would that be like?

There are so many things that we can’t comprehend. If there was a “beginning,” then what was before THAT?? I heard on the Science Channel recently that some scientists are postulating that the universe is FINITE, not INFINITE. Umm…okay…then what’s at the “end?” Or is the universe spherical? In THAT case, then what’s “outside” the universe?

Ignorance and arrogance are more dangerous than any weapon created by humans.

Every single moment of your existence has an effect on the rest of “time.” If you were to take the trip into the past, your very existence in that time could have catastrophic consequences or more positive chance could occur…again, just from BEING THERE. Think about it, when you “appear” in the past, you will simply “pop in” on everyone. Suddenly, you’re there. That will affect the people who see you, they make different choices, different circumstances come from these events, etc.

Then comes the random, new memories from being in the past and causing changes. But, what if those changes change the present to the point that you never went back in time? What kind of space-time continuum implosion results from that?

On top of all this, scientists tend to be a bit arrogant. Practical application sciences like biology, chemistry and so on are proven sciences. However, there are a lot of theoretical sciences and and even in the practical sciences, there are…THEORIES. No matter how much factual information is used to back it up, a theory is still just a theory…it’s still NOT a proven FACT.

Sciences are littered with theories. I love science, but I am also cognitive of what to accept and what to take with a grain of salt. Stephen Hawking for example once said (as most scientists agree) that NOTHING can form in a void (“nothingness”). With that, they have all said that in the “beginning,” there was a quark of energy that (for whatever reason) started pulsating and exploded, resulting in the creation of the universe (the Big Bang Theory). If that is the case, then where did the quark of energy come from, since there is nothing but a void? However, it has come to my attention from an article last year that states that there is no Heaven and no God, and he stated, in contradiction to his previous works, that spontaneous creation of matter CAN happen in a void. Therefore, it takes God out of the equation. This is a claim that contradicts all known scientific laws (NOT THEORIES).

Let’s look at this from a different perspective. If we look at our pasts as opportunities to change things and correct our lives by learning from our mistakes, are we not changing things in the process? I believe that the only true form of time travel (until proven otherwise) is the process of looking into our own pasts and altering our futures. Every single moment in our lives is a choice. Choose wisely.

Ignorance is curable, stupidity is forever.

I’ve also stated for years that “ignorance accounts for 75% of the world’s problems, and arrogance accounts for the other 25%.”


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author avatar Retired
31st Jan 2012 (#)

Well I know what I do when I have a stuffed nose. Nope, I don't change it as many people say I do but I use Eucalyptus Oil to sniff and clear the nose, increase the Vitamin C and do steam inhalation.
it prevents clogging of the vent thereby preventing the Big Bang Theory of bursting open the nostrils to drain the mucus into the tissue in hand.

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author avatar Retired
31st Jan 2012 (#)

Sorry about the previous remark, was multitasking and broke protocol in commenting.

They usually say that a butterfly lives just for two days and the sad thing is that they try to do a lot in that short span of time and forget their own life and happiness.

With regard to butterfly effects, well the smell in the air we breathe will tell you the weather as with the clouds in the sky. Learnt that from the Red Indians.
With regard to the Big Bang Theory, its pure astrology to find the Black Dog which blew up and scattered itself over the Milky Way but somewhere between Earth and Mars. Its the Neverending Story.
To learn from the mistake is to keep going back to the problem and trying to figure out what is exactly wrong and when you are unable to figure it out, give it to the person who knows it best, God and you will get the answer.

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author avatar Robb714
31st Jan 2012 (#)

I am going to have to digest this a little bit but I like where you are coming from. I am looking forward to where you are going. Keep it coming!

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