Theory of Evolution: A Blatant Mockery of the Facts

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The Theory of Evolution has turned out to be very much popular to the vision of those people who regard this transitory life to be nothing but the source of gratifying luxuries, wills and wishes in the life without any conscious of being accountable to any super authority for their ways and attitudes in the life

Theory of Evolution: A Blatant Mockery of the Facts

An English biologist Charles Robert Darwin presented the theory of “Revolution” very initially in the year 1858. He arrived to the conclusion and proved it out of 30 years of an incessant research to the effect that a micro form of living being came into existence automatically due to certain natural chemical process years ago. Subsequently, the same micro living being continued growing because of the external exposure to the environment and natural phenomenon and gradually, with the rolling out of the time, a human being came into existence out of the evolutionary stages.

In accordance with ‘The Theory of Evolution’, the biological structure of each living being on the earth stands to be ever altering in order to be compatible with the ever volatile environment of the universe and as such genetic or personal characters of the living being also stands subjected to gradual changes. This process eventually culminates into the generation of a new biological form. Charles Darwin relied specially upon the ancient time facts to prove his above theory of Evolution.

The Theory of Evolution has turned out to be very much popular to the vision of those people who regard this transitory life to be nothing but the source of gratifying luxuries, wills and wishes in the life without any conscious of being accountable to any super authority for their ways and attitudes in the life. Therefore, this is the only reason of its extensive popularity and maximum possible welcome by the people in the world.

It is because that when the human being, at large, turns out to be defiant to the simplest and apparent facts of the life out of arrogance and pride, he/she is bound to get surrendered helplessly to such myth and fallacies visa-a-visa “The Theory of Evolution”. Because the inborn instinct of the human being is writhing to search out the facts of the life and nature and, yet, when he fails to access to the natural and real facts of the life, he gets ready to accept even the misleading notion and falsehood about the facts of the life. Further, it is because that the natural impulse and restlessness of the mankind to learn the realities and factuality of the life is so much intense that he cannot maintain patience for a long time to obtain the answers to his compelling questions on the facts of the current life.

Therefore, people strive to get satisfied even with the false answers, should they fail to procure the right answers pertaining to the implied facts and realities of the life. Charles Darwin developed “The Theory of Evolution” after years of sweating hard work to procure the answer to the question as to “What is the fact of the life”; yet it is a fallacy and self-evolved false answer. However, there are two chief reasons for developing this false notion of “The Theory of Evolution” which is the driving force for him as mentioned below.

(1) Darwin was not ready to consider the human being as the responsible living being.
(2) His impatience and natural comfortlessness did not accord him mental rest and solace subsequent to denying the solid facts of the life and consequently he was driven to establish such a groundless theory of evolution by his obvious restiveness in his life. The intellectual section of the people considers this Darwin’s theory of evolution as an ‘alternative of the religion’. Consequently, this theory of evolution assumed the ‘Godly’ status for each such question that necessitates the God Almighty Himself to get its satisfactory answer.

For instance, a scholar, namely, A. E. Maider says “This theory has already stood proved by so many arguments that it can be now almost considered a ‘fact’. (Clear Thinking, Page 113) G. G. Simpson says, “The Theory of Evolution is a perfectly proved fact”. (Meaning of Evolution, Page 127). Even Darwin himself says, “I am confident that such a gradual evolution in the form of the living being is a very apparent phenomenon” (Origin of species by Means of Natural Selection. Part 7, Page 169). So, is the theory of Evolution really based upon the evidences and arguments as have been stated above? But even a negligible pondering over the same theory of evolution does make it very clear-cut that it is no more than a speculation and estimation.

A prominent scientist has given the definition of the scientific principles visa-a visa “theories and mental pictures that explain known laws”. According to Darwin, the course of nature plays its role subsequent to the occurrence of the changes in the living beings; but it’s a question, like the fundamental of the Revolutionary process itself, as to how the variations emerged into the same class of the living being existence in the world. Moreover, why doesn’t any further successive sort of living being shoot off out of the present form of the human being at all despite the fact that hundreds of years have already elapsed of the human existence on the earth? A French scientist, Dr. Morris Bokail writes “ truly speaking, the information furnished by the modern science in respect of the miracles of the life, its creation and its chronic growth, can drift away a wise person towards very contrary direction of the Darwin’s theory.

If one minutely studies the stages of the development of living being one by one, one shall definitely find more and more, deeper and deeper complex mechanism of its creation. Consequently, his (Darwin’s) false belief that such a miraculous stage-wise creation and development of the living being might have come into being automatically will subside and eventually stands cent percent collapsed. With the progress of the knowledge of the mankind pertaining to the biology and most particularly that of micro atoms, he will get indomitable belief that there does exist a creator of this entire universe. Upon such time of feeling, mankind should get humility, instead some persons find arrogance in their hearts”.
(Source: The Bible, Qur’an and Modern Science

Has anyone witnessed this Evolutionary process of the mankind with the naked eyes? Therefore, it is never so at all and it can never be so at all. This theory of Evolution is founded upon nothing but mere estimation and calculation itself. To substantiate it, Sir Arther Kith told in the year 1953, “Evolution is unproved and unprovable. We believe it, only because the only alternative is special creation and that is unthinkable”
(Source: Islamic Thought, Dec. 1961). Arther Kith himself says, “Evolution is the fundamental belief of the intellectuals” (Revolt against Reason, Page 112)

Actually, it is a naked fact that there does exist the greatest creator of this cosmic plan and the mankind is his the best of creations. The entire cosmic mechanism with its none but all attributes has been brought into being to serve the best of the creations i.e. the mankind and consequently he (mankind) is directly accountable to his creator for his deeds and dispositions in the life. There shall, beyond doubt, occur a day when the radical generations of the mankind has to tender the accounts of his deeds and the affairs of the life passed.

The ultimate guideline of the same creator (The Sacred Qur’an) has been in front of us today in its very original and uncorrupted form to edify the whole of the mankind universally till dooms day. In the same true sacred scripture, the God Almighty proclaims as, “He (The God Almighty) Himself created the mankind from the rattling and dry earth”. (Sureh Rehman. Verse No. 14) and at another place the God Almighty says: “And we have created the man from the rattling earth that emerged from the decayed mud” (Sureh Hijra, Verse 26). Hence, these foregoing facts and truth of the sacred Qur’an expose the self-generated notion of the ‘Evolution theory’ of Darwin to be a fallacious myth and resultantly solidly proves that the mankind is eventually accountable for his deeds and life to the ultra-supreme power authority after his death.


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