There Is Magic In Your Kiss

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There are things that are so hard to express in words, and only actions can do best. Sometimes, we just let our gesture speak for itself in order to relay the message we try to convey. In this poem, such feeling is expressed through a kiss.

An Expression of Love

There are times when we are lost for words, and there's nothing we can do but to express them through actions. Words sometimes become superfluous and redundant, and kiss is the only way to relay what's in our heart. It is one of the greatest gifts that we can receive and give. It is something to be cherished.

A kiss is an intimate
gesture of love
Given to someone
that you care about
It expresses a feeling
that comes from the heart
When words are hard to find
and yet explains a lot

A Special Moment

If there is something
I will ever miss
It’s none other than
your special kiss
So sweet and tender
that caressed my lips
That one precious moment
was such a bliss

It made me think
of you very often
And wished that some time
it will happen again
That passionate kiss
that you had given
Conveyed the words
that were unspoken

Our Souls Unite

You gazed at me
and held me tight
Like you'd never let me
go out of sight
With all the stars
that shone so bright
Your kiss brought warmth
in that one cold night

Underneath the beam
of the dimming moonlight
Like a silhouette image
did two souls unite
It was spellbinding
and so full of fire
With burning fervor
felt deep inside

Magic in your Kiss

Then when we stared
at each other's eyes
I saw you through
and read your mind
You held my hand
and then you smiled
And whispered words
thare were so sublime

There must be magic
in your gentle kiss
It made me weak
that I could not resist
The spell that you cast
prevented me to speak
And let me yearn more
for your tender lips

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author avatar Tess Irons
29th Jun 2012 (#)

Thank you, Steve. I appreciate the star.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
29th Jun 2012 (#)

so very beautiful this Tess...but I do have feelings of nostalgia for what is no more for me...

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
30th Jun 2012 (#)

He looked into my eyes that were so shy,
I couldnot help but wonder why.
He just smiled with a look beyond compare,
And held me close in a manner so rare.

He waltzed with me in a dance of life,
Giving me the joy in times of strife.
Slowly in desire turning up the heat,
By gently stepping on my bare feet.

It didnot matter for I bit my lip,
Only he moved hair with finger tip.
I am sorry he whispered with utmost care,
I just smiled on in love beyond compare.

He brought his face forward his breath sweet,
Moment of magic his soft lips did meet.
I became one with the world around,
He did in his arms of life so surround.

I love you he whispered just a little more,
I am sorry about your foot that is sore.
I have worked everything it is now ours,
I am you Man who is One with the Stars.

She looked up looked down with a blush,
Then without a mention she did his lips brush.
To create a sensation beyond compare,
That sent a rush of life just everywhere.

For in that moment he realised his love,
Was the Lady who stood there Angel Above.
Pulling her softly he said I have a plan,
Don't tell anyone around in the clan.

We will come through this and create a wave,
With the voice of Nature that the Creator gave.
He never said a word but pulled out a ring,
Knelt on his right knee and began to sing.

Will you kiss me like this all through life,
For I am in love and want you as wife.
She collapsed in tears and then affirmed,
It was the greatest of love that confirmed.
Calling in the magical Kiss just over again,
It was the beauty that blew away the rain.

For she was in love with the greatest of man,
Who proved to the world she was in tan.
Creating images and love that stole her away,
Bringing her the love that was no here to stay.

He kissed her anywhere for the world to see,
Setting her love in her forever free.
For he watched over her with love in heart,
Always forever through eternity never to part.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 30th June 2012

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
1st Jul 2012 (#)

Love is expressed in many ways and I look out in other species too, how they attract each other. Love keeps us going despite spurts of hate that leave deep scars that revisit us. What lovely pictures too that embeliish your words from the heart, Tess. Thanks for the share - siva

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author avatar Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
2nd Jul 2012 (#)

A beautiful page, Tess, with such romantic pictures. Thank you.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
4th Jul 2012 (#)

So very lovely, thank you Tess...

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