There is no human right in China.

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In China,if you control the penises of the leaders,you will control everything.

Actually the real and long terrorists are in China.

Chinese Fu Jian government have forced me to accept the ugly Chinese men for decade.If I have the accepted lover,they always split up us.There is no human right in China.
Yesterday I found my account of Tagged by hacker of the Chinese government that have control by Fu Jian government through President Xi Jing Pin.
Chinese Fu Jian government cooperates with underworld on persecuting me by appointing the members of the underworld to my younger brother’s family as in-laws and forbade me to marry using the name of the underworld in-laws.
There are many spies of Chinese Fu Jian government around me.This year one of their spies set a no password WI-FI around me seducing me into his trap,but maybe only use my action as their excuse to engage the hacker’s campaign to cut off from all contact with foreign friends and some websites.
Because Chinese Fu Jian government have murdered many persons relating to me,including my mother and other relatives for decades,they are afraid I connect with foreigners.
The China is more terrible than the Middle Eastern because recently I have chatted with a man from the Middle Eastern who also has gentleman style.Actually the real and long terrorists are in China.
Perhaps the Fu Jian gang,one of whom is Lai Chang Xing living in Canada now,had obtained Xi Jing Pin’s sex videos after sending him the beauty,so they recommended Xi Jing Pin to the former President Jiang Ze Min as Chinese President.They have captured countless state-owned property as their property.
Xi Jing Pin comes to power equals the Fu Jian gang come to power.The recent implementation of the rental property tax policy led to rising rents because I am a tenant,which maybe only accompany the FuJian gang’s driving me to my brother’s underworld family.
In China,if you control the penises of the leaders,you will control everything.
So maybe GuoWenGui is a student of LaiChangXing.
My resume:
I am a lady named Hong Lin and am from China.I graduated from MinJiang College in 1987.I graduated from the self-study examination of Beiing University and got a bachelor of law in 2007.
I was employed by a procuratorate in December 1987.In 1988,I wrote the annal of the procuratorate.Then I was to be an accountant.
In 1990,I have ever been directly involved in the establishment or enforcement of population controls forcing a woman to undergo sterilization against her free will.At that time many cadres advised her to do the operation but she said she was busy because of holding her baby.Then I held her baby so she had to go to undergo sterilization.For twenty years I have remenbered these details.
In the early summer of 1991 I was transfered from the procuratorate to the county Personnel Bureau but leaders didn’t arrange my concrete work.
I have been stopped my work for 26 years but the government pay me salary, 4375 Yuan a month now,actually acquired at my mother’s life,for not being fired. I am a marginalized person because I was lazy to bribe to the leader and my mother’s rival have a big backer who have enormous political power.


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