There's a firestorm coming

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This morning, while I'm in Tower Mansion, I suddenly sniff what smells like smoke.

The smell of danger

I run to the living room to check if something's burning in the house. I look in the fireplace and see that there isn't any dirty ashes in there, but there are a few pieces of wood that was left over from the other night's fire, pieces that have already burned but haven't burned away completely so the servants put them back in place with new wood for the next fire.

I assume that's what is smelling like smoke.

Hubba hubba! Aroooooo! Fires of the heart then?

Later on I'm putting some stuff away in my props storage fascility, and when I come out I see Waldorf driving in with two women in the cabin and lots of furniture on the back of his truck. Hubba hubba, what's this guy got going on driving around with these two chicks?

Later on I would learn that Waldorf had placed an advertisement in the newspaper for "an assistant". She must come live in a room he will provide, and do all his cleaning and cooking and assist him in any way he desires. With all his work we assume ;)

Personally I can't believe anyone actually responded to such an ad, but what do you know, here he is with one pretty young assistant, and her mother came along to see where her little girl will be staying from now on.

There's a fire coming this way

Waldorf comes walking up to me.

"Have you heard about the great fire coming this way?"

"No I haven't."

"It's burning right now on Dawson's land, but the wind is blowing it straight here. Osborn and I will have to take the firefighter and tend to it immediately!"

Waldorf goes back to his two women and they hurriedly offload some of the furniture. Then him and his assistant have to go immediately.

How convenient! A fire to use in my movie's fire scene

For Timebotics, I'm currently creating a scene in which somebody starts a wildfire, so I think it would be perfect to go out and film this fire.

Armed with my camera and tripod, Majesty and I make our way to where we should be able to see the fire.

But we don't see the fire. There's some kind of smokiness coming from somewhere, but really there isn't much fire yet. It's probably still on the other side of the Northern horizon. It probably won't ever make it's way all the way here, so I film some of the smokiness and then we go back home.

Some time later, I'm laying on my bed in Tower Mansion, listening to some music. I look out the window and see how suddenly it's looking very twilighty outside. The light is yellowish orangish and getting darker. Perhaps that fire is close by now?

I quickly go outside to go get my camera. I'm stunned by the sight. It looks like a magical wonderland outside. It looked somewhat similar to some mornings when I came out here and found the place engulfed in a thick fog, where you can only see the things closest to you and everything else fading away into the background.

However, the smell of smoke is so thick and strong. I see Father walking by, I don't know where from. He's quickly going around to the West Wing.

I think to quickly get my camera and film all this. This can all go into my movie, or would be good to have as footage to use whenever needed.

I rush over to my editing studio to get my camera and tripod again, and when I come out, suddenly things are looking different again. How quicly it changed! It is now dark outside, with the smoke getting thicker and more suffocating.

Still, for some reason I'm still not suspecting the worst. I still believe I can just go around to the West Wing yard and film the fire, as it can be seen from that part of the house.

But on my way there, I see how striking it looks when I look up at the tower, veiled by smoke, with a red ball above it - the latter of course being the sun as seen through the thick smoke blanket.

I can't breathe!!!

I'm so involved in my work that I don't notice how Father and Mother are getting ready to leave. I still approach with my camera, when Father in his car goes by, shouting at me to spray the thatch roof of the main stoep with the hose. Then he drives away.

I was actually planning to film, but I do as he says anyway. At this point I still did not realize we were in danger of dying.

I spray the thatch roof with the hose, but the water pressure for some reason isn't good. What is going on here? (Only later I would learn that the fire had melted leaks into the water supply pipes.)

Suddenly I realize I can't breathe. I look back at where the West Wing should be. It's not there. In fact, I can not see anything whatsoever.

I try to breathe but the next moment my lungs feel like they are on fire. The smoke is so thick and hot and strong that it feels like I'm breathing in millions of tiny needles pricking my lungs to shreds.

Is this the end for me? Am I dying now?

Ok, now I finally realize the extent of the threat of the fire. I didn't know it was this close but now I feel like I'm right in it. I can't breathe, I can't see, and what's worse, this is all happening out of doors. Usually one would think if this happens inside a building, all you need to get fresh air is to flee outside as quick as you can. But here I am outside in the outdoors, and the entire world is one dark blanket of a smoke oven.

For a moment I thought panic would strike up in me, but it's like I already know panic is not going to help in the situation, so I calmly realize I'm caught in a situation in which I'm either dying, or going to survive either well or not so well; let the chips fall where they may, I have absolutely no control now.

Honestly, I did not see this coming.

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