There's nothing like a break away

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How I had a lovely break away and how to fight the heat in the city.

There's nothing like a break away

You'll have probably thought that I've died or emigrated to somewhere where is cooler, because I haven't written a column for a week. I haven't written a single line for a week and this is the first time I log on since July 1st.
However, I'm alive and well, thanks. It's only that I've taken a break away from it all to spend few days in Villafranca de Navarra, up North of Spain. It was interesting to know my grand's birthplace of which I had no idea at all except for what the oldies in my family told me about.
There's nothing like a break away if only for few days and few miles away from home. This is a small town where life goes at a slow path. Things won't be at hand's reach as we, urbanite, are used to in the city. An outsider will be sort of an attraction for locals, willing to know everything about one. After they've seen you a couple of times walking about, they'll greet you with a 'Hello!' or 'Good morning!' They don't know much about you, but they already know you walking along or shopping in the few shops they have. Yet, it's a good spot to chill out and to unwind, leaving worries or stress well behind. It was a sheer pleasure to go to sleep with a symphony of crickets or to wake up with the chirping of early birds or to indulge listeining to silence.
It'll most probably last me few days til I return to 'normality', but rights now, I feel as though I didn't have any worries and ready to tackle on almost everything.
Back in the city
I guess there may be thirty five degrees celsius right now. It's early afternoon and the sky is white. When it's hot like this, the sky is seldom blue, but it turns white.Here am I typing away once again while a drink one cup of cold green tea after another. I might as well well go out when the sun leaves us for other lands.
Tips to fight the heat

Don't take me wrong. Even if it's peeping hot, I still love Summer: days are longer and, therefore, there's no need for much lightening and heating, which means it's a lot cheaper too. One doesn't need hearty foods, which are also a lot more expensive, but a rich salad or a cold soup and some fresh fruit will be enough to be cool and nourished. My granny used to say that in Summer every creature can live, meaning humans as well as animals. We've to drink a lot and here come cool beer and summery wine (red wine, white lemonade, a slice of orange or lemon and ice cubes) or cold green or black tea.
If one lives in town nearby the sea, there's a beach to cool down, but minding not to go when the sun's at its hottest and more dangerous -a swim in the morning or late in the evening are perfect and a sheer delight to abandon them when it starts getting way too hot.
However, if one's a urbanite like myself, the pools and the parks are our personal oases to chill out.
Late in the evening, we'll go out to see and to be seen and to mingle in the beer gardens. The day is finished, but evening and night are there to be enjoyed in the open.
If one's staycationing, or simply on the dole, one will stay indoors while it's hot outside, In the early afternoon, all what we want is to have a nap or to indulge, listening soothing music with our cold tea or summery wine until darkness starts wrapping the city again. Then, it'll be our time to go out and about.

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author avatar Mike Robbers
9th Jul 2013 (#)

Sound as a great break away trip. Especially in the hit summer days it is a necessity to allow yourself a few days off.

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