These 31 Days Of June

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The death of a young person, in my case a grandchild, is always so tragic. Life goes on and we go on. But some days are easier than others, and on a certain day in June, the heartbreak can be almost too much to bear.

June 2016

At long last, June arrives with it's complicated moods; hot-humid summer? Cool spring? A wonderful time to re-energize my soul and body...or once it was.

Deep loss darkens June's sun, chills the air, makes me cringe within my heart. You have taken the sunshine with You, my love. For all these 31 days my tears will fall without warning. My heart breaks all over again. For these 31 days it will be a lifetime of pain. Again. Forever. For always. For me. And for Her.

If I feel Your loss so deep and aching, She feels it more. If my tears fall hot on my cheeks and my chest heaves with choking sobs, She feels it more. She carried You underneath Her heart, as I carried Her underneath my own. I can not fix this for Her, and I so want to- I must -I can't and my pain is two-fold. Our three hearts once beat as one, now two. It is not easy to have a piece of your heart ripped out, never to heal.

June. The reward for the long, cold winters and the fickle springs. Not to warm my heart, or Hers. No rewards. Memories are given in its stead. Over and over, they viciously stab and poke. Because we lost, why do they say "lost"? We did not lose you...You were lost, my Precious boy. You were gone before your last good-bye.

For these 31 days of June, I will mourn.
For these 31 days of June, She will mourn.
For these 31 days of June, I will attend the graduations, Father's Day celebrations, summer parties and family reunions. I will put on my mask once again. I will smile.
Look into my eyes. Look into Her eyes. That's where you will find us. Not here. There. Back where Your smile lights up a room and Your eyes sparkle with love and laughter.

These 31 days of June I give to You, my sweet Child. My tears will fall, and when THAT day arrives, the day You left us 5 years ago, I will light another candle for you, Mamma's Boy. I will go to Her. I will be strong for Her, it's all I can do, I am so helpless. I pray for strength, I pray my Lord's words of comfort will ease Her soul, even if She doesn't hear me this day. She will hear and see only You. I would gladly give my life if She could hold You in Her arms again!

For these 31 days of June.


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15th Jun 2016 (#)

P.S. Yes, I DO know there's only 30 days in June.

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