These are some of the Real Heroes in Society

Abioye Munashe By Abioye Munashe, 7th Jun 2011 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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The prison has evolved into a place of rehabilitation. Correctional officers take on a challenge which the world has refused but in the end they are punished for it

The Recyclers

The recyclers work hard each day accepting those rejected by society with open arms.
They begin the journey to return them into society useful instead of harmful,
But the poor recyclers are tainted and with suits of stigma,
Suits branded with labels of uneducated, scum, turnkey, jailer, beater...
They were all suited in labels by the public designers in ignorance;
Oblivious of the hard work, the worth, and contribution the recyclers make to society,
By protecting them through efforts of rehabilitation and re-integration,
Ensuring that criminals do not escape as criminals to hurt to nation.
When all the other institutions fail the recyclers are asked to do an almost impossible task,
Of which the families, schools , communities, churches and religions have all given up on.

"Go to the recyclers and you would be cleaned up!"

But the recyclers are working hard daily for suits of slander and shame labeled by the designers called Society,
And paid with hate, spit, scorn and BULLETS;
They are dying like dogs but no one cares;
While the world ignorant of their contributions look towards tainted images,
By Hollywood producing movies to amuse the lookers' eyes and skewed tales told by some released from behind the walls of corrections...
but the truth hidden from all.

They are damned for doing a job everyone else refused and failed to do,
The family failed, the education system failed, the community failed, and even the churches failed;
But now the recyclers are punished for doing a job everyone else gave up on.

The shame is that the recyclers are bridled by regulations so they cannot
speak to the public on their own,
And those at head with tongues refuse to tell the worth and hard work of the recyclers to the world.

My comrades, continue to work hard to let the world know the truth so that they would stop the hate
and with knowledge of your worth and hard work they would learn to appreciate
your worthwhile contributions to society.

*Dedicated to those working hard to make this society better...
Your hard work and contributions will be remembered

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author avatar Retired
7th Jun 2011 (#)

wow.. where are you Abioye?

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author avatar Abioye Munashe
7th Jun 2011 (#)

I am right here

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
7th Jun 2011 (#)

Many good points, but in some places people are aware how important and valuable recyling is.

I suggest you tag with words that are related to the topic of your post.

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author avatar Abioye Munashe
7th Jun 2011 (#)

okay thanks Mark

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author avatar Retired
8th Jun 2011 (#)

Incredible words. I agree with your points!

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