These are the thoughts filling my mind right now

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These are things in my mind i woke up with, pleas read and enjoy, my mind was full and needed to express it.

These are the thoughts filling my mind right now

I woke up light and heavy it feels as if words are being chiselled into my head.
I am writing them down because I know they come from above.
Here is what I have learned so far.

We all have dreams and we all have desires, and we all either have struggled believing in it or you might be struggling right now with believing you can do it or if it is right.
Well this is what I learned we know what we have to do we really do even if we don’t know we know what we have to do to know.
It is deep introspection to find the depth of your soul.
If you want to know your purpose and why you are hear, you have to know your creator.
I have realised I am sitting on a mine of knowledge of what I should do and how to, yet I have not put them in action and I believe that is most of our struggles is just to do it.
Breathing is easy Living is hard
Breathing is boring. Living now that’s amazing.

I have realised we all are writing a story echoing the same massage.
The message is about living.
Movies motivate us to live, to be heroes, to peruse love, dreams, not to give up.
Books filled with pages of loving, learning how to, and pages filled with sacrifice of a man of a woman believing in what is right.
Songs sings about the broken, finding ourselves its everywhere everyone is finding ways of living and we want to share it with everyone we all want to help.
Finding Life is a journey we all take together.

Love cannot be described God cannot be described.
The infinite that is Love and God, and God and Love is a wonder beyond our minds.
A Man must be strong but strength is a paradox that is water and mountains, rocks and drops.
A man felt lonely in the presence of God, so God filled his essence in a woman.
No creation is made to stand alone.

I have realised the things that “is” impossible to do, has become fewer through the ages.
And soon the word will die out. The same will happen with the word possible because there will be no need for something to be refer to as possible because everything is.
All that will be said is this is done.

What we want is never as sweet as what is planned for us.
We should do what truly brings as joy not things of fleeting happiness.
The illusions of happiness, will keep us hungry and keep on desiring for more.
The illusions will only pleas you and you alone for a short moment.
Like desiring more than one woman you are taking from their cups and filling your illusion.
The Illusions are the stepping stones to addictions.
True joy is a lasting fulfilment, if you find it then your cup will run over so you can fill the empty ones of others.
She will be enough she will fill you with so much Love that you will respect other woman more and see them as sisters.

Nothing truly ends its only phases passing into the next.
We struggle to let go, but death is just a reminder that nothing is truly ours
Death is a reminder to enjoy each moment passing by
Living each infinity between every second.
Finally for this moment I have realised.
That when two people Love each other it’s a journey of fighting external forces
These forces they only test your devotion for each other
Sometimes these forces is a battle within yourself,
Sometimes loving someone is knowing yourself whole heartedly.
Because self-knowledge is derived from knowing why the Creator, made you and how He wants you to Love him or her.
Loving is an act of God, and loving someone requires you to Love him or her as God Loves her or him and you.

These are the thoughts filling my mind right now.

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