They Are Guilty of Their Love

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Shiela and her man talked about their relationship after they came from church. The pastor is talking about a sinner and a saint. The pastor said that if we are doing sin even we take the Communion, our work is a waste of time because we are sinning against God. We are doing blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. She see herself as a sinner and she don't want to lost heaven because of her relationship with God.

The Topic that Makes Her Realized Sin

The pastor's topic is about Celebratory Meal. He is tackling about the Communion Service which Jesus asked to the disciples to do in remembrance of Him. Eating of the bread and drinking wine mean that we accept Jesus and like when He suffered for our sins, He died and was buried. When He rose up again and went to heaven, mean He took all our sins. If we take the Holy Communion, Jesus took away our sins and our sins were buried and we became a born again christian. If we take the Holy Communion but continue doing the sin, we are on curse. Our sins are not forgiven because we do it always.

In this case, Sheila is guilty. She don't want to continue doing sin and sin again with her man. Now that her man has a new wife and he has a child with her, she thought that she is sinning to God and his woman now. She don't want to be a sinner. She knew in her heart that she love God more than her man. She don;t want to lose heaven because of a man. As she is hearing the word of God that morning, she is talking to her God about it.

She Prayed for Strength to End Up Their Relationship

She take the Holy Communion and talk to God seriously. She said, " God, you know that I love my man but he has a family now. We can't continue like this. He has many things to do with his life and I think he is tired of having everything in his cup. Also, yes we love each other but since I can not give him a child, that we agreed to have another woman to give him a child and then I gave her the chance of having him because of the condition. I really confused on what to do. I was fighting for this feeling and You know that I am trying my best but he don't want a break up with me. We love each other but we are all christian, and we are worshiping You. As we do like this, we are sinning and it cause our life to hell. Lord, please this afternoon, we must talk. We must talk about this thing. Give us the wisdom, the understanding and the power over our lust that we continue our friendship without any sex because this is the only thing that make us a sinner. Lord, You know everything about us but not all that we think is right. You are the Almighty God, help us. Help us, Oh God."

She prayed too much that time for strength. She know in her heart that its hard for her to be away from him.

God See Them in Secret

Yes, she already accepted that they have their own kids because she can not give one to him. But she dont want to continue that relationship with sex with him because as what the pastor said, if we are serving God but we do sin in secret, we are just wasting our time. Adulterers will not go to heaven. Polygamous will not enter in heaven. Sinners of flesh will not go to heaven so what they are doing? That is a cause of them not to enter everlasting life.

So that time, she realized it. She asked God to give him the power to understand and to realize that they are sinning against their God whom they serve. There should no pretenders in the church. Yes, no one knows, as what he said. The pastor and his wife doesn't know how they begun the relationship. Yes, no one will know that they are still in the relationship. Yes, no one will suspect that they are still on but God in heaven who see all secret knows and He is not going to accepts His leaders doing sin against him. They will land into eternal fire.

They Have a Heart to Heart Talk

The night come when they have the serious heart to heart talk. She told him that maybe he is tired because he has everything in his cup. Then he sense that she wants to say something.

She told him that they are sinning God. She don't want to lose heaven because of the relationship they have.

He said that he can not leave his another woman since they have a child now but he can not just leave Sheila also because he knows that she loves him. He is not a bad person that he just forget all the things they shared together because he has another woman but then he explained that the other woman is a good person too and they are building their lives together. If Sheila wants to end up the relationship, its okay for him.

It pains them both but they know that it's really hard especially when he said that maybe he will transfer another church because there is no time that he will not take her to the church. That woman don't want to talk to Sheila on the reason she doesnt know. Because Sheila believes that the other woman stole her man only that she has the chance to have him because Sheila believes that she sacrifice her happiness in giving him to her during the delivery time of their baby.

But life is different now because her man is focusing now to make money because his life now is so hard. She has no work, he has no work, he is trying to have business so he can have a good life. He like good life. having a family in the Philippines without stable work is difficult.

The Conclusion

Since the man didn't like her to be out in the system but then they are guilty of doing sex, they agreed that they will just be good friends till the time Sheila find a right man and they will not make love again. They will be partner in business but never in their life again to make sex because that is the area they are sinning against God.

Now, both are happy with the decision. After she promise that she will never get another boyfriend and she will stay as his best friend till the time a good man will come that maybe they will stop seeing each other.

That's a good decision for them. Both accepted that. Maybe that is how God wants for them, to end the relationship and just be best of friends who do things together for good in business, in church and any thing but not sex.

They want to be in heaven with their God who blessed them and heal their painful heart. I am happy for Sheila that she accepted or rather realized that having serious relationship again with her man after he got another woman is not good anymore.

Prayer is powerful. God answers our prayer.We just only believe. Remember that when they are listening to that sermon, after communion, she prayed for strength, power and understanding. God give it to them. Now they will worship freely to God without guilt.

They will be not sinners anymore.
Now she will be okay. No guilt anymore.

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