They Come In The Dark Of Night

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Marzeus is feeling very uncomfortable. What keeps bothering him? He changes the position he's laying in.

He's in a state between being asleep and being awake, moving more and more towards the latter, but grudgingly.

Finally he's conscious enough to start thinking about it clearly. It's a noise. And now, he can start distinguishing that it's the noise from the dogs barking. What is their problem?

They Come In The Dark Of Night

Yet, somehow Marzeus is drawn to think there may be trouble at his studio. Should he get up and go out to see? He's really, really not in the mood. He'd like to just go right back to sleep.

But the dogs don't quit. They're upset at something. Marzeus finally drifts back into his sleep. Somewhere along the way the dogs must have stopped.

Trouble the next morning, according to Waldorf.

"Marzeus", he says, "looks like they climbed over the perimeter fence and targeting that place of yours again last night!"

Waldorf doesn't even have to say who "they" are, for just "they" has become synonym for tresspassers who burgle and steal on Tower Hills.

Marzeus' intuition was right last night. He somehow knew that there was trouble at his studio.

Fortunately Waldorf who lives close by, has also become sensitive towards these criminals. Last night he immediately made his presense known and it seems the criminals fled for the moment.

But what is really sad is that they had all been having quite a bit of peace of mind, for not too long ago a band of criminals were terrorizing the area and a large radius around it. There were five of them in the gang.

For many bad crimes the Fever Ticks were hated, including burgling and stealing from Marzeus' studio before. They had broken a window so they could open the latch, and then sawed off the burglar bars. After coming in and stealing things including prop guns, they disguised the breach behind the curtains.

Marzeus discovered it one day, not knowing how long these criminals had had this access to his studio. He felt really violated. But at least he now knew why things kept unexplainably disappearing.

He moved a huge steel shelf-unit in front of the window and packed it full of heavy things, to hinder the criminals' access through the window.

Fortunately after committing a really serious crime of martyring a woman they also robbed, the police finally got serious about putting away the Fever Ticks, and used helicopters and detectives to track them down. One of them climbed up a tree and a detective shot him down. They also found a huge stash of arms that the Fever Ticks have been stealing all over on their expeditions, hidden at the Wilge Fountain.

The Fever Ticks were arrested and put away for a very long time, thanks to the arms robbery and armed robberies they committed with the stolen arms. The community felt much relief.

Yet, now it seems that their peace of mind is broken, as thieves are again starting to strike.

Waldorf, who is doing construction work, says he will see if he can use some left over pieces of round bar to put up proper burglar bars on the windows and door of Marzeus' studio.

Marzeus is thankful, but upset at the evil in the world that makes all this vigilance necessary. Who are these criminals this time? Can't they just... die or something?

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