They say, history is written by the Victors

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This is a complete fiction, not based on any other stories I've read, though it may be similar to some. I hope this remains a fiction.

HISTORY: a fiction, or is it a Prediction? By Jerry E Smith

Abdul Chang came to his teacher, Sri Ramaputhra Alvarez. He was curious about some photos in a very old book.
“Sri Alvarez, what are these strange looking creatures I see in the histories? They have such light, almost white skins and hair of many different colors?…how very odd looking!”

Sri Alvarez replied; “Those are photos of the long gone ‘White Race’, technically called “Caucasian” by scientists and geneticists.”

“What happened to them; where did they go?” asked Abdul.

“Ahhh…” said Sri Alvarez, “that is a rather lengthy and very sad tale.”

“Please Sira, tell me” replied Abdul.

“Where to begin? How do I begin such a tale of woe? I will try” said Sri Ramaputhra.

In the early days, the White race were a driving force in the world. Theirs was the last, great world girdling civilization. Beginning in Ancient Greece, where many wise men discovered things of science, politics and philosophy, and taught them to the world as it was then. Then the Romans took over. They were more militant and exploitative, enslaving most of the nations and peoples around them.
All this time of course, they (the whites) were intermarrying with the other subsets of humanity they were enslaving, but for the most part, they kept “their” race apart, as being superior.
Around that time, in the far east side of the Mediterranean sea, another subset; the Hebrews, developed a religion (some say it was given to them by their God) based on their book; The Bible. This, like so many other religious texts, contained a ‘creation story’. In theirs, the Hebrew people were given “Dominion” over the world. This meant ‘stewardship’ at the time.
Then a new religion, based on the Hebrew bible developed and spread just as the Roman world was collapsing. The “Empire” was too large to be maintained with the communication and transport systems they had, plus it was too exploitative of the resources available (sadly, this lesson was not learned, and was repeated again and again).
In this new religion, the “Christians” took “dominion over the earth” to mean ‘OWNERSHIP’. They thought that the whole world was theirs to do with as they pleased.
After the fall of Rome, there was a period of darkness, civilization as we know it, almost disappeared in Europe. But the seeds of exploitation had been sown deep.

Then, several hundred years after the fall of Rome, our beloved Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) was born, and Allah spoke to him, giving him our Quran. As you know, ours is a religion of peace and love, but it was not so in the beginning, and much woe was done in the name of the prophet.
The Christians had this same phase in their religion, where they tried to enforce their beliefs by the sword.

After a time, the darkness lifted over Europe, and the greatest expansion of a civilization on record began. Capitalism, Consumerism and ‘shadow governments’ were born. War after war were fought for control of tiny specks of property, many thousands died, when all the time, the arms merchants and bankers were there in the background, pulling the strings for their own profit and, some would say, amusement.

Centuries passed, and the “Western Civilization” now enwrapped the world. In spreading themselves, the Whites and decimated whole populations, destroyed whole civilizations, all in the name of religion (greed really, a lust for gold).

By the middle of the 1800’s, when the ‘industrial revolution’ took hold, they were already a hated people in many places around the world. And rightly so, many still say. By now, however, they had begun to outgrow their religious need to dominate the other peoples, and though it was a slow process at first, a feeling of acceptance and tolerance began to spread amongst them. Not all, but many, many of them believed in equality for all.
Their culture and civilization was very ingrained and ponderous though, so it was hard to change what people had believed for so many centuries.

There began to be conflicts all around the world. The weapons dealers and bankers had made it too easy for all peoples to gain the best weapons, and hate spread warfare everywhere. Now, the religious extremists in our beloved Islam, decided to interpret some of the older verses as the truth, and began once more to spread the words of Mohammed (PBUH) by force, but they were still themselves the puppets.
And hatred once more reigned supreme.
More and more resources were used up in fighting between brothers, rather than in helping to make life good for all. Cities and fields were destroyed, making food become ever more scarce.
The white people were blamed.
Their numbers had never been as large as those in the East; the Chinese had always bred prolifically, as did those on the Indian Subcontinent. As the wars, the diseases and the retributions diminished their numbers, the Whites gradually began to disappear. In the later part of the 20th and beginning of the 21st centuries, inter marriage was popular.

Now, almost all people are Black, or very dark skinned, of Hindu or Chinese descent. Everyone is all mixed together now, so that it is a very, very rare thing indeed, to find someone born with clear white skin, blue (YES! BLUE) eyes and yellow or red hair (not that which comes out of a bottle).

Our world is a very poor place today, since so many resources were squandered by the wars, by the Corporations who pulled the strings there at the last.
Tons and tons of metal in the form of ships, lost in battles at sea lie at the bottom of the ocean. The rain forests and jungles were exploited for whatever the corporations could make a profit on, and for agriculture, which destroyed the environment and SOO many species of animals and plants (see the text books for pictures).

Some say that the whites, when they saw their coming demise, created “repositories” of their genetic material, in hopes that some day it would be safe for them to return, as a people.
Legend says, that they sent this repository into space for safekeeping. Who knows? Going into space is something we can no longer do, sadly, there are too many people, too many mouths to feed, on too little land and too little clean water to drink, to worry about using resources for that.
Oddly, this was also said in the late 20th and early 21st centuries about NASA, the Moon and Mars programs…ah! To dream of the stars.

“So, young Abdul” said Sri Alvarez, “what do you think of this?”

Abdul Chang was almost in tears…” Such a terrible story, such a waste of humanity, and all the while, all they had to do was to accept one another!”

“Ahh…” said Sri Ramaputhra Alvarez, “You are wise, for one so young.”


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