They've broken Mother

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My brother Harrison has been doing his best to make sure he breaks Mother down emotionally until there's nothing left. He has sent her a letter to make her know that she's a terrible grandmother and a most useless Mother.

The asshole doesn't know that Mother was the best Mother a piece of lowlife trash like him could ever hope for and never deserved!

They've broken Mother

I'm rather angry at Harrison these days.

Harrison is of course too yellow bellied to talk to me directly, so he keeps yepping in private to Father, and apparently he sent Mother a letter, telling her how wonderfully he raises his own daughters, and how Mother should feel like crap for raising her own children like garbage.

He keeps telling Father every time he sees him, that Father should throw me off of Tower Hills. I can't figure it out because last I heard, the plan for the time being was that I would inherit Tower Hills while the other children inherit other properties and things.

I don't know if Harrison wants to get the place so he can dig it all up for diamonds, something which Harrison in his desperate urge for money has been dabbling in.

Harrison always claims like a victim, that he has to get money in all the time because "my children must eat!"

However, what does he mean by "my children must eat"?

From what we see, it means that he must constantly add more rooms built to his house; that he must wear designer clothes all the time; that he must drive the most expensive, fanciest cars; that he needs to buy the most expensive plasma televisions for his bedroom and living room; that he must have one of those fancy coal stove themed modern version fireplaces in his huge; expensive leather sofas-furnished living room; that they must buy themselves fancy chairs from the rand because local things just won't do; that they must shop from Woolworths Food, the absolutely most expensive grocery store one can buy one's food from; that they must have a full time salaried maid; and of course, the ultimate foofy, that he must always smell like the most expensive brand name men's perfume.

I want Harrison to have only the best, but if his demonic outbursts have something to do with the stress of not knowing how he's going to maintain such a high lifestyle, maybe this is not the best for him.

He sent Mother the ugliest letter, making her feel like crap, telling her how he raises his two daughters just so perfectly, and how Mother is a useless piece of crap when it comes to raising her children, how she's a bad grandmother, and how she's just never good enough in any way.

What is the point of making Mother feel like crap all the time? She's done her shift, raised her children, and her time of worrying about children's bad moods is done. Why Harrison wants to now go all berzerk on her and tell her how he thinks she's the most pathetic piece of crap, is just plain bad manners.

He's broken her really. She is so hurt and cries a lot, wakes up tired in the mornings having not slept well because of it, and I have to do a lot of cheering her up and telling her that Harrison can only be too glad to have had such a wonderful Mother like her.

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