Thicker skins politicians!

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The greed and power are the two driving forces that making politicians so crazy to stick to power as it provides everything- including laws, justice, and money. Kind of Kingship and no one is there to challenge you! What a heaven!

Democracy is a Monarchy - Public servant is the King

Government is no more public servants. They are elected by the people (!), if indeed, but they never seem like service oriented. Electorates win the election not because people vote them, rather they earn them by spending spree; not because they abide by the law- they by the law agents; they do not go to safeguard the constitution- rather molest is as and when required; they kill the public, sue them, torture them, burn them destroy them- all in the name of democracy and people- Swear people have no interest in them, nor they expect anything from them. They understood it clearly that the world is cruel two classes of people – the King and the subjects. Rulers and the public.
Countries like Bangladesh- where politics is a big business- you want to have a good government project- politics will help, you want to have huge wealth politics is the answer, you want to quash the enemies-politics is the remedy, you want to be a business conglomerates- politics is way, you want to escape from Anti Corruption cases- politics is the answer, you want to escape trial- politics has no other rivals. That’s why all the business people, military retired officers, corrupt bureaucrats, and the kith and kins beside the family members are pouring in the politics, apart from that the politicians are becoming relatives by marital relationships. In simple word, politics is a booming business in Bangladesh.

Another phenomenon in Bangladesh is – now -a -days the government is much more interested in taking big mega projects – why? Because, big business means big money, and it would make such huge sums that the politicians would have never thought of earning in life. Previously, corruption was a by-product, not it has become the prime product!

The law and constitution is molested in such a way as and when needed. That’s why most of the leaders on top are relatives of one another (Marital relations), or business associates, in money making politicians don’t put political ethics and morality as a barrier, rather they are happy to sit and have fun in the same venue.

Tragedy is that people do not have any seeking out of these leaders, simply hopeless, and honestly non-demanding. People ask is peace and non-interference to their own livings, yet the corruptions and wrong policy of the government will not let it be. For example- price of electricity price hike- even though the question of corruption and mismanagement in the projects and inefficiency of management is the reason for raising cost of production- no one is pointing that out – rather no heeding for that issue- easy solution is collection more unit-price from consumers, public. Here the electric companies and government are look alike- as they have business interests in the end. If investigated one would find that the project or the company is owned by an influential incumbent leader.
That is why political parties are crazy to stick to power for ever- they know if not in the power the business will be gone, new enterprise from the opposition will take the business. So, no matter how shameless the process is how bloody the field may be- grab the votes, stick to power. Joy Democracy!


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I am a teacher engaged with the Southern University Bangladesh. I Like to use my spare time by writing and reading. I take it as a fun and source of inspiration in pursuing knowledge.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
30th Apr 2014 (#)

and so it is dear Md....

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
2nd May 2014 (#)

Thank you cnwriter..

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author avatar pohtiongho
9th Jun 2014 (#)

Greed & Power also take place in the South China Sea:
Many foreigners are jealous and unhappy because the Chinese dropped a deep-water oil rig 300 km from Vietnamese shores. They said it was a provocative action which was rubbish, because that area was listed by the Chinese as territory of China more than 2000 years ago. China discovered those islands in the South China Sea during the Han Dynasty (206BC-AD 220). The nine-dashed line was drawn and declared in 1948. Forty-six years later, in 1994, the United Nations’ Convention on the Law of the Sea was ratified. UNCLOS has no retrospective effect and the US has not ratified UNCLOS, until today. China is definitely not doing muscle-flexing in the South China Sea. The way many countries use insulting and hypocritical remarks on China tell us a lot about the culture of those countries. If I left a parcel of land in a certain country and moved to the US to earn a living and came back twenty years later, is that still my land? Can the intruders sue me for asking them to move out from my land? The very uncivilized ones even argued that I did not stop them when they moved in to settle on my land! Ta Pei Kong forgives them. That’s their culture.
Copyright © 2014 by Poh Tiong Ho

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
10th Jun 2014 (#)

Big countries like China should not be that greedy of wealth and resources, we should have think of equitable share of the others irrespective of our national interests. But greed will not let us do so!

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