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An 'eventful' day of cleaning a room and working for the first time as a waitress!

5 am

Yep, you read that right, my day more or less started at 5 in the morning. Poor Lee is a commis chef and the open is coming up. That means ten days straight starting at half five. I was actually quite amazed though, he's usually like me in the mornings, slow, lazy and unable to get out the warm cozy bed. But when I wake up, he's had breakfast, is drinking coffee and is just about to go for a shower. I must have fallen asleep though because I don't remember saying bye to him.

10:05 and a filthy room!

This is when I properly woke up. I'd heard a bedroom door go and thought it was Lee just leaving. So I called for him...then stupidly realised a moment later that he'd left for work five hours ago.

Now...I know some people will complain that their room is untidy, messy, dirty or filthy. But this room was beyond any of that! There was so much stuff that, not only could you not see the floor, but the stuff that was blocking the view of the floor came to an average height of half a meter all round the room.

A Tally of the Junk...

Right, so we had:

Massive box from when Lee bought me an aquarium;
Other random cardboard bits;
Loads of unneeded paper rubbish from letters;
Glasses, cups and plates...some plates with six day old egg...some cups with five day old tea and milk...;

So yeah, you get the picture, the room was quite filthy. But by five past two after cleaning and gutting out the room straight from eleven I managed to get it cleaned and hoovered. Which I was quite impressed with.

Ahhhh! First Time Waitressing!

Ok, anyone that knows me will automatically agree that I'm a clutz. I can trip over nothing and fall up the stairs. Hey, what can I say? It's a talent being this clumsy!

Anyway, around half three I got a call from the place I have a casual job at right now, and they asked me if I could try a spot of me being stupid I agreed. And probably annoyed Lee quite a bit stressing over what to wear and what I was going to do.
Really, I shouldn't have been worried at all. It's so much easier than washing dishes constantly for four hours. Most of the time I was just standing around doing nothing. All I did was take plates through and clear them away. Simple...yet I still managed to drop things! Nothing too serious though, only knives and bits of tissue. Then later on I helped to prepare dishes for a small function they were holding. So that was quite fun too.
I was extremely pleased as well because at the end of the shift the owner pulled me over and asked if I wanted to work even more hours over the next two days just doing waitressing work.

End of my Night...

Lee came and met me from work after I'd finished...actually, he was the one who got me to leave earlier. The owner came through and said that he was waiting for me and I could just go if I liked.
It was good to see him after working. And I hope that he'll see that I am making an effort to change for him. I need to stop acting like a child. He's right. This is the adult world now. I need to learn how to live in it.


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author avatar Melissa Dawn
10th Jul 2010 (#)

Well written, thank you for this glimpse into your life.

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author avatar RSyed
10th Jul 2010 (#)

A very interesting read and glad things are looking up..!

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author avatar Willa
10th Jul 2010 (#)

Thanks guys. Right now just deciding on what I want to do the most on wikinut. Everyone seems to like the diaries. So I may do more of them. x

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