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Many people fear change however is good or bad? Also why is there hidden dangers in saying "I can"? This Articles seek to address that and engage reader in a discussion to answer these questions.

The Hidden Danger Of Saying I Can

Why You Should Never Say I Can

We've all heard those motivational speeches where they tell you "you can do it" or say "yes I can". While these statements may get our blood pumping and get us rearing for action, many people are unaware that these statements actually have a hidden danger. Saying I can does motivate us by opening the door of possibility but the danger is that's where it ends for most of us. What happen if after opening the door thing don't work out or play out the way we intended? We are left at the door with disappointment and greater depression than before we pump our self up with saying "I can"

Is possibility enough?

Some people state that you should never say “I can’t” say “I can”. But I say, don’t say “I can”, say “I will”. “I can” it only a possibility but “I will” is practical, I will is putting/ speaking it into being. I can is theoretical, I will is affirmative. However, you must be realistic. For those of us who are highly motivated saying i can may be enough.

The Fear of Change

Change, a word that's filled with such uncertainty. Change, a word that has most of us anxious. Change, though it means being different from what we're used to it can still be something good.

Why do we fear change?

What we must realize that everything was once new at one point. The things that you have become used to were once new to us. Try it! You never know what will happen. You just may like it. How can you know that you will like it if you never try it? If you dont then be glad you tried and appreciate the experience.

You will never be able to control everything, change is a part of life. That's what gives us hope. what keeps us alive, what keeps us interesting. Can you imagine your life being the same from your childhood into your adulthood? Makes you feel a bit better about change doesn't it?

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
7th Jan 2014 (#)

Saying ...I our own strength can lead to disappointment should we fail , Ramone ..but I choose to say ....I can do all things through Christ Jesus , who strengthens me ... That way my focus is not on my own ability , but on His .
Many blessings to you
Stella ><

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author avatar ramone
7th Jan 2014 (#)

That is a more practical approach that relying on your own strength and face the bitterness of disappointment later if you fail.

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