Things you can do online

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Here some application and usage of internet are shared.

Things you can do online

We are using internet for years but we did not ever imagined the potential of internet 5 years ago. The speed we used to get 10 years ago is now the speed which we even don’t want to browse. Things have got changed a lot and so did internet.

I would like to just share some application you can use online or the usage of internet for you.
• Today one of the best applications is Facebook. Yes this is not merely the social networking website; this has become an application for businesses also for promotion and getting revenue. Bigger organizations are using this to connect their customers and employees. Even there are virtual unions and some sort of revolution arises from facebook like happened in India as India Against Corruption which pressurized the government to work on. Here you can find your old school friends and new office also.
• You can use online shopping portals to buy products for you. There is no need to buy if you enter and you dint like anything. It saves a lot of time of yours and on your chair you can travel in the market and see different things and even can get a better deal than the real market.
• You can handle your bank’s transactions and also control your expenses, get statements, buy shares and many other monetary trasactions.
• If you want to travel, and you need to know the status and buy ticket if available, its too easy like using your finger. Go to any website, get the ticket, book your hotel and enjoy. You can compare many to get the good deal also.
• If you are fond of gaming, you can play games with gamers thousand kilometers far from you. Is not this a very amazing?
• You can make new friends. You can get jobs even here; you can be aware about new and good universities and also get the chance of being selected in any talent hunt.
• You can watch TV, download songs and movies also.
• You can rent or buy , sell properties.

There are numerous applications we can imagine, but there is not much space here to share even. I think we will see newer things later, we can do. Though I am again not able to imagine today. If you can think or imagine anything, you must share.

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
9th Nov 2012 (#)

As a guide to English usage for you: the word "stuff" is a word that should be rarely, if ever, used and it is done so only as a last resort when you cannot find the proper word to use, thus it is more appropriate to conversation than it is to written articles. You should also be aware that you never pluralise it.

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
10th Nov 2012 (#)

Informative and nicely shared. Thanks Anu

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