Think Of The Cry Of An Innocent Child As He/She Moves From Home To The Streets

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this page talks about the way children go through hard times when situations force them to move home to the streets. it is not a happy experience.

innocent children's journey from home to streets

The cause of such children to opt to go to the streets is something that can happen to any child in any family even our own families. So the best thing that these children need is the sense of solidarity which can only be obtained if the community accepts them fully and look at life from their perspective.

Life in the street is a challenge to any child who knows what life should really mean to a child, the lack of children’s company, the lack of a family, the lack of access to all necessary basic needs to make life complete for a child. taking care of a child who is in need of love, care and protection is usually a very hard task to bear. Usually, these children need to be handled with love and acceptance to make them know that even though they lack a biological family, they belong to the family where God is the father of all. The vulnerable groups of people and the minority are the most important people in the society, their aspect of social, physical and economic weakness is a task that God has bestowed on the rest of the society to take care of.

Taking care of a child who is not your real child is an experience of life which is challenging to accept. Such a mother or a father who takes in a child from a different family and gives him or her real parental love and care is a gift to the life of such child. From experience, it has been proven to be a hard task for stepparents to fully accept and equally treat children they did not give birth to. And if such helpless children can choose to run to a certain family to seek love and care, then that is a clear sign of trust and fully acknowledgement.

What we can do to make them feel loved and accepted is to receive these children as though they were sent away from their homes. Just like Hagar was sent away with her son “…early the next morning, Abraham took some food and a skin of water and gave them to Hagar. He set them on her shoulder and then sent her off with the boy. She went on her way and wandered in the desert of Beersheba…God was with the boy and he grew up in the desert and became an archer….” (Genesis 21:8-22).


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