This Message Will Self-Destruct.....

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When relationships affect our lives in a negative way, why don't we get out of them? It only makes sense, right?

Kamikaze Love

Dashing ahead at break-neck speed
Toward certain destruction, wondering
How was it I was so easily influenced
Convinced to give my life for your cause
A cause I don’t believe in
One I was sure you’d abandon
Once realizing the sheer stupidity
Of your plan
Instead it was I who
Was persuaded, led to believe
The story you wove so brilliantly
‘Til now I, hand in hand with you,
Run swiftly toward the jagged cliffs

©2011 – Andrea J. Shannon

No Air

There was no air
Smoke hovered around her in the dimly lit room
Stifling and stagnated
Struggling to remember how she got here
Who was this man before her?
Surely not her intended
He is charming and handsome
This one, dark and menacing
Standing over her
The stench of alcohol burning her nostrils
Her eyes pleaded with him
As his hands clenched her throat
For the final time
And the last of the light was extinguished
There was no air

©2010 – Andrea J. Shannon


Abusive Relationships, Destructive, Influence, Persuasion, Relationships, Self-Destructive Behavior, Unhealthy Relationship

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I am an engineer by trade, but a poet and songstress at heart. I started writing occasional articles online about five years ago, but poetry is still my first love.

find me on twitter@ashanpoetry

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author avatar stephaniemorris26
9th Feb 2012 (#)

Wow very powerful words! Very good.

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author avatar aking1614
12th Feb 2012 (#)

Thanks Stephanie!

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author avatar Sheila Newton
10th Feb 2012 (#)

Oh, my - you scared me half to death with this spooky gorgeous poetry.
Wow - wow - and again WOW!

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author avatar aking1614
10th Feb 2012 (#)

Don't want to scare anyone; just draw attention to a problem.

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author avatar Songbird B
13th Feb 2012 (#)

Powerful stuff ashan! Your poetry always stops me in my tracks.. This is so dark, but really makes its point.

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author avatar aking1614
13th Feb 2012 (#)

Thanks as always, Songbird. It frightens me to see so many young women completely wrapped up in men who leading them down the path of self-destruction,or loss of their own identity at the very least.

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