This is Your Story

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Every second, every action, every word paints the canvas of your life....of your story.

This is Your Story

This is Your Story
BY Jack Necron

Eternally trapped in the machine
A slave to life’s routines.
Reluctantly, I cohere
Just another one of the gears.

As a child you are constantly learning
All the knowledge they think you need.
Eighteen years reluctantly listening
Until they feel you are readied.

In adolescence you find you were not
Well prepared for the harshness of reality.
Fears, stress, drama, loss, death, hate
Tighten around your chest as if a slip knot
Pulled by unseen hands until you are left discarded, empty.

Dreams are put to rest and hopes are stripped
Somewhere in time, lost in the motions
Dying with one final nocturne.
Adulthood becomes an ever changing manuscript
As actions provoke reactions
Until eventually you conform to an everyday pattern.

We awaken.
We eat and prepare for the day.
We go to work.
We see friends/family.
We eat once more.
We sleep.
We repeat.

Saying “somethings gotta give.“
We seek release from this repetitive crawl
Pondering the phrase “just live.”
Daydreaming of a miraculous cure-all

The eternally unanswered question remains
These lives: what are their meanings?
We claim we do not want our dreams to be constrained
And yet we succumb, stifling our heart’s yearnings.

As children we see the world in vibrant colors
All the wondrous shades of the rainbow
Hence the beauty of those memories.
Sadly, somewhere down the line the pigment breaks
And we see the world in simplistic
Black and white with tinges
Of rust and grit.

Putting on a smile that is all too feign
Removing your inner turmoil from display
Until it becomes too hard to contain
Whilst fearing what comes with each passing day.
Life isn’t pain
Though sometimes it does feel that way.

Too quick to give up we are
We curse the skies
Blaming everything but the source:
Rather than “whishing upon stars”
Stop and listen to your heart’s outcries
And adjust this boat’s course.

Turn your focus away from life’s extremes
To all those patterns, you need not comply.
Refuse the hand that has led you astray.
Recapture those dreams
As though they were a butterfly
On a comforting summer day.

You will be hurt by people
And things will not always go your way
But as soon as you give in to reality’s struggles
Trapped will you be, in a cycle of repetitive dismal days.

Sometimes we need a hand to help us
Once we have fallen to the ground.
But you yourself must wipe off the dust
And hold your head high after being face down.

I am now the ghost in the machine.
No longer a slave to the routines.
Never again will I cohere
Becoming just another gear.

You are the master of your own destiny
Able to choose where, what, when and why.
The tale is written based upon your actions.
Will you let the chapters enter a cycle
Of fears, desires, what ifs and depression?
Or will you take hold of the pen
And dramatically change the climax?
This is YOUR story.

Don’t you see?
Only you alone
can set yourself free.


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author avatar Jack Necron
I am a writer/poet and photo editor/artist. I am a philosophical, laid back guy blurring the lines between fantasy and reality.

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author avatar Songbird B
15th Feb 2012 (#)

WOW! Loved this Jack..So powerful and inspiring too..Great poetic creativity..

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author avatar Jack Necron
16th Feb 2012 (#)

Thank you very much for the kind words and reading :)

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author avatar krrymarie
16th Feb 2012 (#)

Agree with songbird loved my read and loved the ending.

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author avatar Jack Necron
17th Feb 2012 (#)

I almost changed the ending, but based upon what others have said, I am glad I didn't. Thank you for reading :)

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author avatar Floris56
18th Feb 2012 (#)

An interesting poem that I'm going to have to read again tomorrow. It is too late at night now. But I think it will be worth it.

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