This thing can't fly as is!

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It's been years now - I have three years in my head but it might be more or less, but likely more - that Father has been working on his flying contraption that he's building over at Tower Hills Airport.

This thing can't fly as is!

All the other servants have been telling Osborn, who is one of Father's helpers building the flying craft, that by now they don't believe it will ever fly.

If all goes well however, today is the day of truth.

Father has asked me to take my video camera and come film the occasion.

Jack Koccumings lands on the airstrip just as I arrive. Jack Koccumings is what some might call an AP - Approved Person - who will check the aircraft from top to bottom and then when he's happy, take it up for its first airborne flight.

Uh-oh. There are a few things he's really not happy with. For one thing, some bolts are incorrectly fastened in the back and a whole part of the tail section would fall off in mid-flight.

A front propellor is also not fastened to Jack Koccumings' liking.

And more things are added to a list of corrections and improvements that need be made before the contraption is safe to fly.

Well there's obviously still many hours of work that need to be performed. We all go home for a while where Mother serves us a most delicious breakfast.

Then later, it's back to the aeroplane factory at the airport.

Dwayne and his son, and another pilot Father knows, and Harrison and his wife and children, and Mother, and even at some point Corbin, all join as spectators at some point to come and witness the great event of Father's flying vehicle taking its first flight.

Roughly around 3pm, finally everything is to Jack Koccummings' liking. He steps to one side on the outside of the hangar to go pray while he makes sure his bladder is empty. Now is the moment he has to step into the aircraft and take it for its first flight ever.

Will he survive? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! The suspence is something crazy!!! There were so many things that weren't right. Can this contraption actually take up and bring back people alive???

We shall find out next.... Read on here.

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