Thomas is a jerk

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There's one in every family. The big jerk. The criminal. The terroriser. The one who's a bit too wild and a jerk to be much liked. But his family cannot abandon him. That would probably make it worse.

Thomas is a jerk

After we moved to Tower Hills, I met a black boy called Thankew.

His brother or some other such jerk close to him called him "Livers", because, as Thankew later explained to me, the guy said Thankew's mouth looks like livers. I think he meant liver lips or something, but anyway, I liked the name Livers more than Thankew, so I started calling Thankew Livers too.

Livers said it emotionally hurts him to be called Livers, but at the time I was still young and liked the word Livers, so I called him Livers forever more and he lived with it it seems. I guess sometimes I'm the big jerk.

So anyway, some time Harrison and I decide to make a movie with Father's video camera. It was beyond amateur and a disgrace, so we won't go into details here now, but I started getting ideas so I would later make more movies with Livers, always making them better and better and more professional all the time.

Then a new character appeared on the scene. His name was Thomas. He was the brother of Mister Specter.

Apparently he was a big jerk, and Saki, one of Specter's women (Specter never married but had many woman and children), moved to the lokasie because she wasn't getting along with Thomas.

Mister Specter asked Father many times if they can borrow the bakkie to drive and go see his brother Thomas in jail, where Thomas had landed because apparently he had assaulted a policeman with a gun or something.

Finally Thomas came out of jail and went to live with Mister Specter, where Livers also resides. I'm not sure who Livers' parents are. They're a mixed lot, kind of like on The Bold And The Beautiful or some messy family tree psychoes.

But it seems this criminal made all the children very, very scared. They thought of him as a big jerk.

And it became problematic for Livers and I, because every time we're working on a movie project, Thomas would show up uninvited and take Livers home, because Livers had chores to do, according to him.

One day Livers and I are riding on my motorcycle, and we come to where Thomas has rounded up all the workers' children and made them stand against a wall with their pants down, butts shining in the sun. He has a cane in his hands, always making them think he's going to give them a good whipping any second now.

When we ask him what he's doing he says he's teaching them a lesson. They can't even answer him why... I forget what the question was, but it was obvious it wasn't about the question, but about terrorising the children.

He then demands Livers also stand there with his pants down. Livers obeys without question, obviously in total fear of this criminal.

So there they stand, butts shining in the sun, genitalia being ventilated by the breeze.

At the time I'm too stupid to stand up to adults. Pity really, because if I was there now, I would put a stop to his nonsense immediately. But not at the time.

Fortunately it seems my presence does make a difference, for Thomas doesn't seem to like my witnessing his terrorising of the children, and after a short while he acts like he's giving up with their dumbness and just let them go so Livers and I can continue our business.

What a jerk Thomas is anyway. There is something not quite right about a grown man making children stand with their parts all exposed, terrorising them. Must be something he learned at terrorist school.

Some time later, I get word that Livers has moved away to live with his mother in the lokasie. I suspect Thomas helped make the decision to live far away, easier for Livers.

Well Thomas does seem to be talented though. He can build ashtrays all fancy with stones and woodpieces and glass and photos. Quite a work of art.

So I guess he's sort of a very talented, criminal, police assaulting, frustrated child terrorising jerk.

What became of him? I think he's dead now.

Yeah there's some or more in every family. It's weird to think this guy is related to Mr. Specter, who is just so different from them. So decent we believe.


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