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Protecting yourself from being ripped off, losing your copyright and other perils of writing on line

Take a Google

There are, as of this minute, 42 Million results if you Goggle 'online writing sites'.
This is to show you how very popular this facet of the Internet is.

Some sites are better than others. Some are must avoids.

Some are no more than handbills where your prose or photos are used as borders
around the ads.

Some are fronts for pushing particular political views, and use academic articles to
mask their true purpose.

Some buy your copyright for pennies then make thousands of dollars syndicating
your work.

You need to know what you are getting into and how you get out without losing anything.

That is what this article is about.

Call No Names

Those who have written online will recognise the sites I speak of, newbies need
to be alert and do a bit of TOS reading.

Always read the Terms of Service looking for the key word; "Copyright".

Any site that claims to 'buy' your copyright or gain rights to your work are MUST AVOIDS.

Any site where the rules are all 'their' way, so that they decide, without warning or
giving you a chance to be heard, are MUST AVOIDS.

Any site which requires you and others to compete by writing on a subject they select, means you work for nothing. AVOID THAT SITE.

There are Writing sites which pay very little, but allow you to post anything, (in reason), keep your copyright and remove or edit your article as you choose.

You can join these sites and gain your online experiences.

There are sites which do not pay you, but you are 'paid' by Adsense. This means that you can have 1M 'hits' but if no user clicks on an ad you get NOTHING.

There are those which seem to pay so much more but without warning drop you from a Staff writer, able to post and edit, to Writer who must have every keystroke examined, to Member, where you are unable
to even see how much money your articles are making for the Site.....
your articles earn for the SITE, you get Nothing.

You don't want to join these sites without an escape plan.

Opening a 'Bank'

When you join a writing site create a blog under a different name than that you will use on the Site.

Try to use a 'nickname' on the site, your real name on the Blog.

Use your Blog as a Bank.
An article Bank. Do not publish or publicise your blog.
It is simply the Bank. It is used for deposits and if necessary; withdrawals.

You do this to protect yourself.

The first danger are those sites which eat your copyright.

A now defunct site regularly promoted their best writers to Staff to gain as much of their work as possible. This is because Staff Writers were well paid.

Receiving so much $ inspired these writers to go all out. Once they reached about 100 article they were dropped to Member which allowed the Owner to appropriate the work and NOT pay for it.

The only protection the writer would have is to NOT submit original content..
That is, if you have already posted it on your Blog. The Site can then be contacted
and told to take down the work as it is plagiarism.

How to know if you're on such a site?

Look for provisions in the Terms of Service (or Terms of Use) that:

(p) grant us an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, fully paid, worldwide
license to use, copy, perform, display, reproduce, adapt, modify and distribute
the Content and to prepare derivative works of, or to incorporate such Content
into other works, and to grant and to authorize sublicenses of the foregoing;

(q) We retain the right, in Our sole discretion, to determine whether or not
Your use of the Services is consistent with the terms and conditions of this Agreement
. *

* Actual Terms of Service From A Must Avoid Site

Exactly why do you want to join a site which is virtually telling you;

"All Your Base Are Belong To Us"

(Cyberese for you're out of luck,)

You didn't read the TOS, did ya?
You clicked I agree...huh?

Don't have your Bank!

The Use of Your Bank

Let us suppose you wrote an article on Tamerlane and put it on one of those rip off sites. You can't take it down, because you can't even get into your account.

Not to worry.
You have your Banked copy.

You did the article in your Blog, then uploaded it to the site which claims to only
accept Original Unpublished Work.

Well, it was original, but it wasn't exactly unpublished because you wrote it on April 7, Published it on your Blog, but didn't submit it to the writing site until April 10.

As the Writing Site has now taken your work, hasn't paid for your work, but wants
to use your work and lock you out of the site so it gains all revenue for your work;
it is not a problem.

Begin networking your work all over the Internet.
There are 200+ networking sites, use them all.

Go to the sites you might have networked the article published on the Rip Off Site
and DELETE the links where you can, so that the article you posted on the writing
site is no longer on the Network.

Where you can't remove the link, overwrite it by publishing your Blog article and making sure it gets the publicity.

Contact the Writing site and claim your work was plagiarised.

See the date? They stand second in time.

Never Get Sentimental

There are 42 Million writing sites as of this moment. There is always another site.

If you are abused, ripped off, if your work is making pennies or nothing, if you
realise this lovely lucrative site is merely a front for right wing nutjobs, move on.

Sites change.

They might have started out good, then get over ad-full to the extent half your article is obliterated.

Some drop their standards to the gutter. Some change what they pay per hit. Some come up with new rules. Some have such bad reputations particular networks will not allow you to post their url.

Don't become sentimental. Move your work.

Be conscious, read the Terms of Service/Use, always have your Blog Bank, and
good luck.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
27th May 2010 (#)

The Blog Bank you mention is an interesting idea, one I have not heard of before. I think my wife knows the site you mention though.

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author avatar kaylar
27th May 2010 (#)

It's your only proof that you wrote it. In RL you'd do the registered letter thing, on the Net, create a blog. It's the only proof you have when a site like Factoidz decides to capture your work.

You want to be able to prove that this is your work, and predates that of a Factoidz. Hence, composing on your blog instead of in your word processing program is pretty much common sense.
If your wife is on Factoidz, unless she's one of the 'sanctified' she's about to learn the meaning of the word Arbitrary

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author avatar Cel
9th Apr 2011 (#)

Factoids demoralized many writers and many of the things your telling here is precisely the same situation. It is real happenings in factoidz, they going down the drain, having a greedy, selfish motivated owner..

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
13th Apr 2011 (#)

What astonishing facts about Factoidz!

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author avatar kaylar
13th Apr 2011 (#)

Do not write for Factoidz. It is an online writing Ponzi. Your work will be stolen.

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
14th Apr 2011 (#)

Thank you for the warning!

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author avatar kaylar
14th Apr 2011 (#)

Right now Quoc is running all over the 'Net trying to get the info suppressed. He's gotten Triond to take down a few articles about Factoidz.

He has lost revenue because so many people have been warned. He fired his Mod and is doing it himself.

Can you believe this? A millionaire too cheap to hire mods?

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