Those Tricksters

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How some investors use the system to exploit people's good intentions for their purposes.

Those Tricksters

Who could remember, that there was some group sometime
That sold some eager buyers, shares in a gold mine
They were swindlers, the gold mine was only virtual
The casualties to this scam were plentiful.

Another instance, there were many who also cry
When there was a collapse of a bank called BCCI
This too like the present recession, was of multinational proportion
Many were as a great loss, being caught in a grim situation.

There was a person who had invested in one of its subsidiaries
One moment was climbing a stairway in such good spirits, very happily
When that person heard the news, collapse in a bundle and tumble
Awoke a few hours later a patient in the hospital.

In most of these exercises, the proponents seem so legitimate
Very convincing in wooing people, to get a slice of a sure cake
Many would spring quickly into action, making that decision
To put in there savings, children education and their pension funds.

Then when the bad news hit, realized they have been victims of deceit
Feeling hopeless, as though the rug has be pulled from under their feet.
Others now pull there hair our in despair, as to their great astonishment
Now broke, and getting to that point in age where they have little chances of employment.

In recent times, some people were fell to a fancy
As their contributed to a scheme called a poncy
The mastermind was the one who amassed billions of dollars
Well orchestrated as he made profits off those investors,

There was another one who went and resided in a sunny isle
Distributing millions, very charming and with a wide smile
Developing a sport that all in that area loved so well
Thus riding on that, he knew his ideas will quickly sell.

No one would deny that he may have had some good intentions
This infusion really helped those he called the legends
But when his source of acquisition came into question
He now like the former mentioned, are now having a long relaxation.


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author avatar Rathnashikamani
10th May 2011 (#)

Excellent poem.

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