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The power of individual's thoughts in the shaping of our society

Power of individuals' thoughts

James Allen, needs no introduction to this world!
He is what one would believe, to be the man all of us lesser mortals would want to raise ourselves to be. His thoughts and words are milestones and guiding lights to all who would want to bring an internal catharsis, a gentle inner transformation s. He has repeatedly said that changing the thoughts, changes the world for us. He has also said that self discipline and self control in our inner disposition can steer the ship in the desired direction for us. En masse transformation and changes in society and the world can be made only by working at the level of individuals
In his book Above Life’s turmoil he writes “To maintain an unchangeable sweetness of disposition, to think only thoughts that are pure and gentle, and to be happy under all circumstances, - such blessed conditions and such beauty of character and life should be the aim of all, and particularly so of those who wish to lessen the misery of the world. If anyone has failed to lift himself above ungentle-ness, impurity, and unhappiness, he is greatly deluded if he imagines he can make the world happier by the propagation of any theory or theology. He who is daily living in harshness, impurity, or unhappiness is day by day adding to the sum of the world’s misery; whereas he who continually lives in goodwill, and does not depart from happiness, is day by day increasing the sum of the world’s happiness, and this independently of any religious beliefs which these may or may not hold.”

If we investigate this phenomenon, he clearly brings out the role of individuals in the society. Since a society and hence the world is made up of Individuals, the goodness and the gentleness of a society would depend upon how the individuals are. And all this gravitates to the thoughts and beliefs that are found to be operating in the individual.
Our institutions, our families, our schools are the ones that firmly freeze the beliefs in the tender minds which become the filters through which we operate. The same beliefs which are irrigated with the waters of experience become the new learning that is passed to the new generation, when the kids grow up.
Mr. Allen’s thoughts are now 100 years old and all the more relevant today when scientific tools and techniques and analysis can help us know how to validate the preaching of this great man and find out how we can make this world a better to place to live in. One wonders whether what Mr. James Allen has said prosaically is what science will find out in its investigations that” It’s the Human thought that makes the world as it is”


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
5th May 2013 (#)

A higher consciousness is needed to get out of the present mind trap. God may have created us but we also created many Gods and beliefs. Then the ego and hubris of mankind to fight against each other for our Gods! The kingdom of heaven is within each of us. We should have a turn of consciousness to coexist based on unity in diversity. Good post, Abhishek - siva

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author avatar abhishek123
5th May 2013 (#)

Thanks Sir! I am trying

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