Thoughts, consciousness, imagination, are they really real, or not?

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Imagination can stretch our thinking to reaching past our minds.

Our intuition already exists above these minds anyway. Consciousness is the tool that we can use to bring the unseen truths into our own light of reality.

God is the source of this light, but to understand our own place within God, we must light our own candle by linking it to his ever burning one.

This article discusses how we can use our intuition, or our imagination to do this with.

Our thoughts cause our fears

"If there are no thoughts, there is no fear."

This quote is from that great Indian spiritual teacher, Nisargadatta Marahaj, (1897 to 1981).

The words of truth are lessened to fit into such vehicles as thought, imagination, or consciousness. This is because a funnel is created which forces truth to fit into one of these vessels when the truth never ever fully ever fits into anything like this at all.

What is truth, but the way things are.

Is there anywhere where thought, imagination, or consciousness can't reach to, or into?

God is the way to truth, but the truth of the way is that any one of these above methods are leading you towards truth, but never into it.

You must jump past the vessel to reach the higher truths that only previously lived universally without living individually until they could come to life in a soul loving.

This is what God's creation of such souls can achieve.

Each soul loving can then feed these truths down through itself to its own outer bodies, which can then help others, still just living in their body's with no real knowledge of their soul, to connect to their own soul then too.

In this way, truth filters itself through our bodies like this, but it never is fully received unless you see past the body filters, and accept what you already really already know in your heart, or soul, without compartmentalising it through your mind of thoughts, consciousness, or imagination.

Love lives in your heart whole, not as a thought, or imagination, or even as consciousness, but as a knowledge, an understanding, a knowing, that is inbuilt into all souls from their father soul God.

Our consciousness's questions can lead us to the truth

Our consciousness can ask questions which can then link us back to the truth behind all questions, even behind consciousness, and so in this way help us to be led back again to our true selves.

Our consciousness serves us by providing a field, or a means, or a vehicle whereby we can be led back to our real selves.

Consciousness has its own rules or laws that it follows, but the law of consciousness is not a fixed law like the law of karma is.

Consciousness grows from each soul loving.

The only law of consciousness existing is that consciousness connects the soul to other souls of similar consciousness, and this helps them both to move along their individual soul's journey in their life.

This is the origin of the law of the master, that states that, "A master only ever appears when the student is ready."

This proverb is well known in Buddhist circles too.

This is because the consciousness field of the student has now matched in a way the master's own field of love.

As the love brings more consciousness to the student, they then love more, and so the student soul is ready at last for a greater unfolding into love from their initially increasing in their consciousness, but which only really ever comes about from greater loving.

Increasing your capacity to love comes first. This is about increasing in your understanding and wisdom of love's truths.

This then acts to increase further your consciousness by this extra ability to love now allowing you to move to higher levels of consciousness, and so love then creates a still higher vibration of consciousness to go along with it, right beside itself.

It is like a spiral. One twirls around the other like DNA.

Loving creates a higher consciousness, and then this higher consciousness then allows you to understand love more then too.

Consciousness is merely a field that is created around love when someone loves. The more you love, the stronger becomes this field of consciousness around you then.

Imagination, intuition, love, and the mind of God

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand."

This is a quote by that great physicist Albert Einstein, (1879 to 1955).

"I want to know God's thoughts...the rest are details."

Einstein also said this above statement too.

Einstein wanted to understand what God's thinking was. He wanted to expand his own mind and its thinking to encompass the greater mind and thoughts of God within it too.

Einstein used his imagination to attempt to do this for himself. We can all do this too.

Just how is our intuition related to our imagination?

Is our intuition also related to our subconscious mind, to our soul, or perhaps to the universal energy of love too?

Is our intuition and our imagination connected to oneness then, which I equate to being the same as this unconditional universal energy of love, or in other words to God too?

Do we need to be taught to use our intuition, or is it the greater truth that we have to be more taught just how to stop ourselves from not using it, or from our ignoring it?

Our imagination, like Einstein said, can move us past all knowledge to the underlying truth behind that knowledge. This then connects us to the greatness of God, or to everything and nothing, to oneness, or to love, or to whatever it is that you want to call it.

The truth is though, it just is as it just is.

We cannot deny that we are a part of something else, and that something far greater than just us exists. Every greater thinker, including Einstein agrees to this much. What you call this greatness is up to you. Some like me, will call it God.

Our intuition then could be said to live within this overall state of love as a sort of tuned in channel that our soul broadcasts to us upon.

Imagination generally could be said to be the radio, in one way, because imagination really is just tuning yourself into your intuition. More than that though, it can connect you to your soul, and to the over-soul, or to God too.

You are not just limited to listening to one channel on your own radio. You can listen to any other radio too, that you would like to listen too. They are all out there right now broadcasting their never-ending broadcast to you, and to me, at all times.

God's radio is never turned off, unless you are the one to turn it off, or if you decide to listen exclusively only to some other channel for yourself. It's all our choice to make.

Imagination helps us to turn the tuning knob, and so helps us to listen to some of these other always broadcasting channels.

You can listen to God's radio then on any frequency which you like to listen to it onto.

You can indeed then understand the mind of God, as Einstein was quoted as saying above in my quote of his words.


This article has discussed the usage of these two tools, intuition, and imagination, in their being used in conjunctive association with our thinking and consciousness.

Of course, prayer, and meditation are other tools that could be used by us to do this with too.

The aim of this article was to show us how we can connect ourselves to something far greater than just ourselves. These tools which we have at our disposal to use, should not be ignored I feel.

We can prove God for ourselves. We do not need to believe somebody's else's words about this, be it a scientist, or a religious person.

Photo credits: All photos as used here have been freely taken from the free media site, Wikimedia Commons.


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Another great article. Thanks Spirited!

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beautiful post spirited!

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