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I am a submissive. No secret there. But for those that are curious or wondering what it is that draws to me to this lifestyle, I have written my thoughts, feelings. What goes through my mind, the sexual connection between my body, my mind and my soul.

A Moment

I can still smell you on me. In my hair, on my skin and when the breeze picks it up, it gently causes me to shiver. I can hear your voice in my ear, can feel the tug on my hair, close my eyes and I can see your face looking down on me, as you slap me. I can remember it all. Every second, every core shattering moment is burned in my mind, etched into even the darkest corners. When I touch my my body it's tender, not bruised, just tender and my throat hurts just a bit when I swallow. My mind takes these cues, and wraps around them, sends me back and my body reacts accordingly. These memories, so fresh in my mind cause me to stop midstep. They cause my body to suddenly shiver and a rush of warmth to rise from somewhere deep within. If I touch myself now I can find release. I'm on the edge...just ready to topple over the side. Each memory inching me closer and closer and closer. Your voice, my hair pulled hard until my scalp is on fire, gagging, choking, invaded.Yes, I am your slave. Your good little submissive slave....I would do anything to make you feel the intensity of release that I feel. Anything to please my master and just swearing to those few words makes me wet and ready yet again.

Are There Words To Describe?

Can I explain it? Can I find the words to place these animalistic, barbaric acts into a form that others can understand? Can I explain in any measure what it is about it that speaks to me in such a pleasing manner? What parts appeal to me the most? No, some things are not meant for words. Some actions, or gestures need no words to describe them. This is one of those things. My body, mind and soul are strong. Made stronger even by the actions that I speak of. The best I've had? Could be. Why? To evoke such a strong reaction within the core of that which is me; to cause me to fall to my knees in such obedient discipline with nothing more than a look, a voice; it speaks to the inner animal within me. It is within all of us, born into us, that which we can not understand but it is there none the less. I embrace it. I open to it and allow it to flow through me. To be treated in such a manner would be disgusting to most women, horrifying even. Society has taken away their baser instincts. Society has created the monster which is the modern woman. I defy society and all of it's sexual propaganda. I dare not question why my inner animal speaks when told to do so. I speak, I bend, I do tricks and when disobedient I take my punishment from my master in all it's wonderful glory. That is me. For in knowing I have pleased and satisfied my master is a power all in it's own. A pleasure beyond orgasm, beyond measure. I can not be turned on by conventional means. I've tried. Vanilla. It's not for me, and others in the past have tried to be less vanilla, to move upwards towards the forbidden flavors. They have failed miserably.

The Satiating Addiction

You do well in this role. And I look forward to seeing how much more you can do to me, how much more intensity you can put upon my body. It is always unexpected, like you're reading my inner most thoughts and desires. And there is a peace that comes with it. A calm that passes over not only my body, but my mind, that which is me. I would say satiated, but the word doesn't come close enough. It's like an addiction. After years of steering clear of it, I can no longer deny it. It speaks to me, it courses through my veins, a lifeline as strong as blood. I can not understand the ones that are not like me. It is so natural, so comfortable for me. This is what I am, this is who I am. And I'm realizing that there are few out there like me. Just as there are few out there like you. Baffling. Somehow in this rough and tumble world of mixed up people and many encounters the stars have somehow aligned in a way for us to meet. It brings a genuine smile to my mouth, and adds a slight bounce to my step. Thank you.


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I write and have published poetry and was editor of the school newspaper all through highschool. I can write a variety of different genres from articles to novels

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
17th Jul 2013 (#)

How on earth would you cope if anything happened to your master ? takes all sorts I suppose .!...
Bless you

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author avatar Empress
17th Jul 2013 (#)

I have inner strength given to me from above. Yes, it takes all sorts to make this beautiful world in which we live. And we are all beautiful and made in the glorious image of God. But in answer to your question...If anything would happen to my Master I would be at a complete loss and would be utterly shattered. But I would eventually stand tall again and move forward with the appreciation of having him. I love everyone on this earth and I appreciate every moment I spend with every person I meet.

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author avatar NiteMonster
25th Feb 2014 (#)

Amazing portrayal of your inner workings. Thank God you and others like my counterpart exist. I say in the most loving and respectful way to you and, in turn, your master, that what you wrote makes me want to tear you up.

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