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Inspiration serves as a motivation of oneself. Anyone can be inspired even by the smallest or biggest tings in life. Being inspired creates positivity and achievements in life.


Inspiration comes from different shapes, forms and sizes. As a matter of fact it can be visible or invisible. It can be a person, animal, thing or maybe some objectives in life. Inspiration encourages us that we should do things much better than we think of. Not only that, inspiration is a part of our lives that makes our heart grow fonder and wider and makes us happy in way that it influences our whole life. In our daily lives, people surrounding us serve as an inspiration. In our way to school or work or even the simplest places we go to just to be entertained, these people like our families and friends inspires us.

People who are inspiring us, that we can do things far more much better than we thought. Your pet dog or cat or whatever pet it may be, can be an inspiration cause it brings you joy and serve as stress reliever in whenever you take care of them. Material things in life can be also one of the reasons why a person is inspired. One of the best examples is a child is promised by his or her parents that they will buy the newest toy in store if he/she got a passing grade in class. That encourages the child to study hard and pursue to perform well in his or her studies. Objectives in life like graduating or a promotion from your boss. And that creates a person to make his or her best effort in whatever that objective it may be.

Being inspired is a feeling of enthusiasm you get from someone or something. In which it gives you encouragement to create new ideas. It makes you want to achieve something that will make you happy and be a better person. It can be your source of ideas or as a model of accomplishing goals in life. It makes you think that doing things will be so much easier than harder. Nothing is impossible when you are inspired to do things in order to reach dreams in life.

Even in our passions in life or profession like writing great novels, cooking delicious food, painting portraits, drawing sketches or designs, sculpting masterpieces, acting and other forms of art requires inspiration. You will not be able to write a good novel if you’re not inspired. You can’t cook delicious dishes if you’re not in the mood of doing so. You could not create a great painting if you’re not inspired. Your creation will result into disaster without having inspiration and if you are not in the mood. You cannot force yourself to produce a great thing or two if you’re not inspired.

Being inspired attracts positive thoughts, ideas and energies in your life. Sweeps away all negative vibes that magnifies negative energies and negative thoughts. Inspiration leads to creating wonderful and undeniably great ideas in different manners. It encourages that you should believe in ourselves and to do best in our efforts and think of thoughts that might help you in the future.

Be inspired everyday cause there are so many things you should be inspired of considering the fact of the beautiful and wonderful things that surrounds you and the people around you supporting you. Be inspired and motivated simply because of the life that God has given you every day that is alive and healthy without any sickness and diseases. Every breath you take and every move you make every day, you should be thankful for it and for whatever blessings in life you had. Being inspired simply because of these things that might help also to inspire other people as well.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
16th Apr 2014 (#)

Uplifting post Regh, thanks. I get inspired by those who live day to day and spread the cheer around - siva

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