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Here is a thought for the day. Feelings, do they matter?


Here’s a thought for today: Feelings, do they matter?

It seems a lot of Christians evaluate their spiritual life by their feelings. “I feel close to God today,” or “I just don’t feel the Bible speaking to me today,” or another myriad of variations of these.

Fact is, God did create feelings and there is a purpose for them. But just like everything else on earth, feelings are corrupted by our sinful nature.

Scripture never says, “feel close to God and he will draw near to you” or “though shalt feel like loving God with all your heart.” It just says to do it.

This is a lesson that God has taught me over the last few years, feelings don’t really matter. Don’t get me wrong, they are often useful indicators and meant to be enjoyed in the right context. But our spiritual life can’t be centered on what or how we are feeling.

Often God does reward us by allowing us to “feel” extremely close to Him. But He often withdraws that feeling of closeness in order to test us.

Psalm 77 is a beautiful record of David lamenting that he doesn’t feel that God is with him. He expresses his discouragement in the seeming distance of God, but then he is reminded of what God did for him in the past. He realizes that his feelings have nothing to do with God’s closeness when he says, “this is my infirmity, but I will rejoice in the right hand of the Lord most high.”

The way we feel after a week of church camp or an especially powerful message is great. But it never lasts very long. That is not because we are less in favor with God, or because we are incapable of being a “spiritually minded person.” It is just because life is hard. It’s not always easy to do right, and reading our Bible, or praying, or giving sacrificially, or devoting our self to discipleship isn’t always easy or what we feel like doing. But that is no reason not to do it.

BlimeyCow does a great video in their MessyMondays series on this topic. If you got a few minutes, just sit down and watch, “My Spiritual High is Higher Than Yours.” They may come across as just a little annoying to some people, but they are entertaining and hit the nail on the head.


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