Three Banshees and the Pale King

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A house is more then a building siting on a piece of land; it soaks up and records the energy of all the living connected to it. The ancients lived with an understanding that all elements were full of life and each individual atom is a small part of the master craftsman or creator, and for this story the element of greed has a great deal to do with the judgment or house rule set upon this house, and bears witness to wages earned and paid in full.

The Great House

This house was not so much in the beginning;it was very humble and so was I,at a mere one hundred a twenty three pounds. The hardest part of building a home is the foundation and so it was, for this is not so ordinary house. Grandpa told me to build it here; because his friends told him about the water and the crystals that protect the ground. He told me lots of things that no one else knew. I worked hard and saved while I was young. Not even raising a brow of those living around us; as grandpa used my money to help his friends, they were paying dividends in precious stones. When grandpa took me with him to see the the castle, he sold the stones collected over the years. Then he payed me back ten times over. I bought the land and the mountain and everything around it ,for ten miles, just like grandpa told me to. The whole family came to live with me. We started to build a large round house, with the trees from the forest, but only the trees that grandpas friends selected for us.

Building the Foudation

The beginning foundation of this house was a large, very deep well, that opened into a cavern created by a spring of mineral rich water. The water was responsible for the growth of the precious metals and crystal, used to purchase this property. Above the cavern a small well room was built, with the well it's self. The entry was hiding the stairs that descended into the deep hollows, of an unknown realm. Above this room was a cellar, for storage of wine and food. Now, one level up in the basement, is where the weapons and armor would be stored. There was also a large room with bars, in case an enemy was needing a place to visit. All the walls were lined with rock, mostly in granite. At the bottom of the well was a huge vat. The vat was made of oak and lined with bees wax. The bees wax helped hold the water coming from a natural spring, from the water base created by the mountain. The common person would never consider anything beyond the bottom of the well. The opening is so much smaller than the vat; even if you hold a torch over the edge, all you see is dark water. If you know the right trick however, a stair landing appears just below.

Grandpas Rock Faeries

One twilight while searching for grandpa in the caverns below; I came upon him real slow, while still under cover of shadow and rock. Grandpa was talking to rock faeries and trading a boy and girl slave, that he had bought at the city by the castle. I had never seen a rock faerie before and it scared me half to death. One was a female, who took control of the children easily. The other one was a huge male, with much authority; I could tell by the way grandpa dealt with him. All that night we heard rumbling under the ground and crashing sounds coming from the forest. The next morning there was a giant pile of logs siting next to the building site and a portion of wall had been built ten feet outside the line, that grandpa had marked on the ground. Grandpa had signed a parchment with his own blood for ink. There was no way to know how it read and there was no good reason to give up my secrecy. As a low red, orange glow surrounded the faeries and the children; I quickly headed out of the caverns, while they faded into the dark. Grandpa would kill me if he knew.

The Fire Down Below

After months of setting posts, digging earth and placing stone blocks; the final wood beams were put in place, in order to support the massive weight, of the slate and sod that would be our roof. Up through the center of the roof; a single round tower was protruding where a giant concave mirror was mounted, for reflecting the sun on to a huge crystal. The huge crystal was attached to end of a rolled tube, that was coated with mercury on the inside. At the other end, inside the house was a similar crystal projecting light in all directions just like the sun. This was a great day of accomplishment; but there was another matter on grandpas mind, that would take us deep down into the earth. Grandpa and I left with ten of our strongest men and two cages with a small rat in each, knowing the rats would be the first to show signs of bad air. After two days following him; we made our way to an unbelievable immense grotto with a lake, with water so clear it looked an inch deep, but my staff found no bottom. There were rubies and emeralds beyond description. We were surrounded by crystals no man had seen before. On this incredible expanse of shore in the under world; a brilliant blue-green light appeared in the center of the lake. This forty foot glimmering globe rose above the water and floated toward us. The was no sound to be heard, except our breathing and the beating of our hearts.Until the globe engulfed us and became undetectable revealing a group of male water faeries, with weapons and armor. Grandpa said stand down and wait; they have a problem with lava and heat and need our help. I will make a deal with them.

New Technology

I had seen water faeries topside before, but had never thought they would be here too. Now my understanding of water and it's importance to all life in this world, had been changed forever. Water faeries are very sensitive to heat, as it diminishes their life force quite rapidly. This area was about to be flooded with very hot water, if something wasn't done soon. For our help we will have their eternal gratitude, along with their help and technology Also, we will have their protection as long as they live and let me tell you, water faeries live a very long life...very long. We set out building a network of pipes, under their instructions to drain water from a cavern, about the size of the first one we entered. Another system of pipes would take heated steam and gas to the surface.

New Wealth From Trade

This cavern we drained would become new area for expansion of the water faeries homes. It was full of monster crystals, some sixty feet long and twelve foot wide. The crystals are so clear; you can almost see your face though them.Grandpa said; when worked properly, thin sheets broken off would be a perfect replacement for parchment and cloth, in the windows of the wealthy. This would also be a way to build commerce with the underworld and get paid for hauling material by both sides of the market. So far grandpa is looking very clever. I don't know what the faeries eat, but there were no fish or plants or anything else that I could find for human food down here. We left for the surface, with a large supply of new trade goods and plenty of help to carry it to the bottom of the well.

The house Becomes A Home

The house was finished by the end of the next year. Over fifteen years that followed; it grew into a fort, then a township, and finally a small kingdom. Grandpa became famous with the king who recognized him as a wizard and since he had made friends with the faeries of the air and fire, he was adopted by the elves too. Being family with the elemental creatures of the world had changed him over the years. You might say; living with the elves kind of grew on him. Grandpa is famous for his deal with the faeries of the air, as they helped him and the king from the castle win a battle, by flying on the backs of dragons. The legend says grandpa died that day; but I believe he went elsewhere, with the elves.

Wages Earned

Now you know how and why Grandpa made blood oaths and traded, in way's that could get a man put to death, if caught in the transaction. You also know faeries live a long time and are sworn to protect his bloodline. I am trapped by the home and all it has been, for I followed grandpa without question, not making my own choices. By following him; I became one with his blood and all of the voices. I have all I ever wanted and more. How many humans become immortal? I will tell you now... no one. We are all born to live once. In the last four months three carriages came. The first carriage, had a driver and footmen all dressed in brown; the second one the same, but all dressed in green and then with the third, they were all in blue. They have been pounding on the doors and peering in the windows since they arrived. All bloodless, the lot of them. Their hair and skin is pulled tight over their bones, without eyes in the sockets and that unnatural dead color of grey.

Guess Who Came For Dinner

And the passengers came to have my soul for dinner. All three banshees have come to collect on a debt and pay the wages earned, for a life of lust, greed and evil seed. My chamber maids, guards, and servants have all died. They were not protected like me, with the cursed blood and the vow of the faeries. The banshees are taking turns invading and attacking me, like spurned lovers each with her own reason and flavor of vengeance. If they were human; I'd beat them and choke them or bleed them dry, but they're not living, so they can't die! They look solid and real, but keep changing from grotesque and morbid, to beguiling faces from my memory. They scream, whale, moan and sing. The worst is when they enter my body and I experience the last feelings and memories of all those traded souls, delivered by Grandpa. The house won't let me leave. The faeries won't let me die. The banshees are slowly taking me each time they sing. My name won't be in history, but all will know and hear the tale of The Three Banshees And The Pale King


Copy write protected 11-24-2012 By:James A McFarlin
Proof Read By: Judith L McFarlin
Edited By: Amber S Mayfield
Photos and Art By: James A McFarlin and Amber S Mayfield, also Google images
Author: DuitByJames


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author avatar DuitByJames
16th Dec 2012 (#)

Thank You Steve for your moderation. I have spent a lot of time on this story and am to close to it in thought.I am going to separate from it for a while then return as a reader to get a clear perspective. I would appreciate feed back from anyone.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
6th Jan 2013 (#)

oh oh oh James is this a metaphor on life...great it is...

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author avatar DuitByJames
6th Jan 2013 (#)

Dear friend, this is a very course picture of a follower who was too lazy to decide on how he would live or who he would be. He never even noticed his father or mother.

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author avatar DuitByJames
6th Jan 2013 (#)

cnwriter, this story is a convolution of repeated history of many who were, are and will be too weak to think. It is an attempt to relieve frustration by making a positive gesture.

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
7th Jan 2013 (#)

I have got some problems with my keyboards, some keys don't listen to me properly! May be you also have that kind of problems, don't you Duit?
Your idea and concept of selecting topics is great. Interesting to read and enjoying it as you put some kind of nectar from your heart in it!

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author avatar DuitByJames
7th Jan 2013 (#)

I have problems with this lap top sensitivity. Also I struggle some times; having more going on inside then I can sort out. This story came from a well of facts and feelings I plan on doing more work on it to sort it out.

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