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Three more poetic offerings, I hope will inspire you.

“Our world; a Study in contrasts” by Jerry E Smith 11/22/15 Photo

Our world; a study in contrasts, how apropos. Here we see
A marvelous example of ancient splendor, surrounded
By modern urban clutter and chaos, which
Is to say,… life.

A “Temple on a Hill” inspiring in its glory, saddening in
Its decay, with the city sprawling around its feet,
People scurrying around,
Loving and hating and growing old,
Which is to say,… living.

And above it all, nature is placidly and at
Times grimly, overseeing. In the
Distance, a ray of light spears through
The gloom, to shine on some
Sailboats at sea, as if to say
“There is hope, there is a harbor”
“Our world; a Study in contrasts” by
Jerry E Smith 11/22/15
Photo credit: @ajvlundsten

"There is a wave coming" by Jerry E Smith, 11/21/15

There is a wave coming; there always is. We are inside of it. We can
struggle against the flow and currents, or as the wise lifeguards tell
You at the seashore, swim along with it, biding your time until you
Can get to safer waters. If we struggle against it, we will surely
Be overwhelmed, yet it is rather easy to see where the
Currents are taking you, and then decide if you want
To be there, or somewhere else, and do what you
Can to get there. I don’t mean to just go along
With things you don’t agree with, but to find
Ways to go along, while still retaining your
Identity, your beliefs and philosophies. It
Is not easy, but it is also not impossible.
Be thoughtful in your approach to the
Struggle. Be efficient in your actions.
Be considerate to those around
You, and, I think, you will
Prosper, it can’t hurt.
Jerry E Smith, 11/21/15

"Hands" by Jerry E Smith 11/22/15

The humble hand, what a marvel of engineering and design.
It can fashion the greatest art, write wonderful
Music and Sonnets. With our hands we have achieved
The wonders of technology, architecture and medicine.
With our hands, we can reach out in caring comfort,
We can caress our lovers, pull crying friends
To our shoulders,
And yet,
These same hands are those who design and
Build ever more elaborate means where
Men can and do visit death and
Destruction on their fellow men.
These hands slap wives and children.
These hands pull triggers. The Truth is,
These hands are tools, tools of
The minds of the men who control
Them. We cannot blame the tool
For the purpose to which
It was employed.
What purpose will you be using
Your hands for?
Jerry E Smith, 11/22/15


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