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Deals with the possible effect of rumours in our lives, how it is spread, how to deal with the fallout from them, and even how to limit it's damage should such rumours start surfacing. There is also some advice for those who start these rumours, be it innocent or bit it malicious

Only the truth will do

What I think I've seen I have not seen,
What I think I've heard I have not heard,
What I think I've felt I have not felt,
What I think I've done I have not done,
What I think I've achieved I have not achieved.

These are the words that swarm in my head,
I can't believe the things that I have said.
People often told me words could act like a knife,
I didn't agree until I caused such strife.
This hurt is felt not only in me,
Wish I could be in their hearts so that I could see.

It all started innocently in May,
All I could see was her sparkling ray.
In a blink she captured my heart,
The heart jumped before the mind could get a start.
Yes, it was love at first sight,
She was brighter than light.
From that moment I started to linger,
Of course it didn't bother me to see the gold on her finger.

Today I wish I could take back that awful obsession,
I used to lurk day and night just to get another session.
My heart went black when I saw them together,
I even had the urge to use my leather.
Even though she just saw me as a friend,
I continued with my dangerous trend.

Back in my house I became a fox,
My mind was taken over by her gorgeous locks.
Jealousy was about to make me cause a scene,
I was to cause a foul-smelling smoke screen.
One I saw him with a female colleague,
This was a circle that was clearly out of my league.
I had to rely on a picture telling a thousand words,
It had more precision than a countless surds.

It was just my luck that she loved him too,
The wife saw something in him that she never knew.
Right then the fire started burning,
I just had to make sure I continued the churning.
The words they spoke was worse than lava,
I felt like I had witten a page of java.
Eventually it caused a split,
And they both went through a fit.

My joy had a very short life,
I didn't realise that I hadn't gained a wife.
She didn't love me even an ounce,
There was nothing there for me to pounce.
Alas, my efforts were all in vain,
Now I'm the one who must go through the pain.
I know now that they were perfect for each other,
The other day she became a mother.

There were times when they both wanted to be six feet under,
How they got out of it still together is still a wonder.
I am just glad they made it back to where they belong,
That however doesn't excuse my terrible wrong.
Here is my advice to those who want to go down my path,
Be careful what you do else you'll face god's wrath.

Here is a few words of advice:-

For those of you starting rumours, whether intentional or not, please consider what havoc you will cause in others' lives. Make sure of what you hear, see, feel and even experience beforenyou divulge any information about anyone or anything, and furthermore be careful who you divulge this information to. Information that is divulged to the wrong people may cause harm because this information may be misunderstood and misconstrued and then spread around like a disease and this is how rumours start.

For those of you who divulge information about yourself, family or experiences please make sure that what information you do divulge is clear, unambiguous and doesn't involve any information that may be misconstrued in any way. When rumours do start however, it is very difficult to rectify. Whatever the rumour is, it is imperative that you donot lose your temper. You may have to go to all those who have received the false information and explain to each one of them or in the case of rumours within the family or within a large group where you know the people, you may need to call up a meeting and clear up any misunderstood information. Take care.

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Writing is about the heart, I want to touch peoples' hearts about something important like love. If something touches the heart, it makes it thought provoking.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
29th Dec 2012 (#)

This is a very powerful warning , we would all do well to heed , as it only takes a very small spark to cause a catastrophic fire . Thank you again for putting it on paper for us to read
bless you

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