Throwing an invitation back into the faces of the inviters

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Some people have practised evil and division-sowing into an art form. That would be Mary and Harrison.

Throwing an invitation back into the faces of the inviters

Mother has been working herself silly on the music for Elmarie's school concert music arrangements. Mother with her limited knowledge of technology actually managed to do all sorts of tweakings to music and songs and wrote them on CD's. Well sort of; in the end she couldn't quite manage to write all the songs onto a CD without getting some errors.

But anyway, this coming weekend Elmarie and her two children shall fly from Cape Town and come visit. Probably not as much to visit as it is to come get the music from Mother, that is after she put Mother to work even more to make even more changes. With Elmarie there's usually no end in sight until the very last minute.

So anyway, Mother is quite excited about her children and grandchildren coming to visit. So now she's all abuzz with plans on who must sleep where and what can we do and how the lunches and dinners will work and what they will be etc.

Even finer details are important to her. What shall she prepare to eat? A big piece of lamb butt, or shall we have have a barbeque, or what?

She decides a nice, delicious leg of lamb shall do just the trick.

Of course, the grandchildren must all play together, as they love to, so Mother and Father calls Harrison to arrange it all. Harrison in his usual enthusiasmless way aranges some time or other sort of vaguely.

Father talks on the phone with Harrison and arranges that Harrison and his wife Mary, if she's available and not out on a wedding shoot, can visit on Saturday afternoon and evening, and even sleep over if they so desire.

Anyway Harrison says he'll discuss it with Mary and maybe they'll come. Harrison never sounds like he has enthusiasm when arrangements are made, and he usually doesn't stick to any arrangements and either come hopelessly late, or not at all.

Fast forward to tonight. Mother and I are eating at John Dory's. We love the Hake and Chips special for R33, see? Well we take it with salad and hot vegetables instead of the chips.

I have a most delicious cup of coffee with cream. Quite good!

Father joins us a little later. Mother and I try to find out what mood he's in, because usually when he comes back from Harrison's, where he likes to visit, there's a lot of hatred and frustration for us in his heart, because Harrison and Mary like to rile him up against us.

He usually tries to hide it because he doesn't like destroying the good atmosphere, but oh dear, tonight he just openly says that Harrison and Mary say there is no way in hell they will come visit on Saturday to eat the nice leg of lamb and have a good time together.

They unashamedly have thrown Mother and Father's invitation back into their faces, saying that especially Mary and therefore Harrison too have sworn an oath that they will never, ever, ever attend any family events if Marzeus is anywhere near it.

I must say they are getting quite childish now, and with that I mean they have gone beyond childish into just plain evil and cruel. Mother and Father are getting on in years, and we should really make use of all the opportunities to be together as a family, but of course these two decided if they make a point, even a point about things that don't concern them, and nobody falls in line with their thinking, they will impose sanctions and bannings against the entire family.

Well I can see how Harrison and Mary have worked themselves into a corner now where being evil and meanspirited is really all the defence they have now, whatwith Harrison having made an attempt on my life in what can only be described as an evil demon possessed moment, and Mary and her insane outburst and being unable now for some years to contain her extreme jealousy of some illusion she has in her head of what life is like for Petros and I. Plainly put, she believes we don't suffer enough and have too easy lives. The fucking whore she is. She has no idea and doesn't deserve to know anything further about us.

But of course the reasons are all just what I hear on the surface, because they never have the guts to come talk to me. This entire ugly thing developed behind my back, and they seem to deliberately do it that way because they know their evil agendas will never be tolerated by me.

Another thing of course that drives her and now Harrison mad too, is the love between Mother and I. We have a very strong bond, and also have a partnership together in business.

For some reason this makes Mary openly hateful of Mother, and Harrison through evil, cruel letters has been trying to break Mother's spirit into pieces for months. If she dares love her children and he doesn't like it, Harrison will just destroy her, he decided.

It used to boggle my mind why he has taken this insane stance against nature, but he always did insinuate that Mother doesn't love him very much and so it seems he decided if she doesn't love him enough to his liking, nobody else will receive her love either.

So, Harrison and Mary having made total asses of themselves, and having so exposed themselves as evil, petty, superficial and greedy rubbish, they absolutely refuse to face me now, and shall not come to any family gatherings where I am present.

Well maybe it's for the best, because it can probably only turn really, really ugly now that they don't have a screen of everybody in the dark to hide behind anymore - everybody know their game now.

So I can only suspect they can only turn really dangerous now.

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author avatar BNelson
29th Oct 2015 (#)

Sometimes people act in horrible ways.

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author avatar Laurie Childree
29th Oct 2015 (#)

Some have no concept of manners.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
29th Oct 2015 (#)

people are stupid at times

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