Thursday October 22, 2015

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My morning began at 3:30 a.m. and I have plans for the day. I have plans to accomplish today, among them occupying my mind so that I don't spend excess time wasting time.

Early Morning Me Time

When I woke up at 3:30 this morning instead of giving into the urge to go back to bed I got up and decided to start my day. My coffee was sweet, and the silence made me smile.

The "George Burns and Gracie Allen Show" provided the entertainment, and I managed to actually relax, even at such an early hour. I took some trash out, washed some dishes and checked my email.

Today's Plan

I will attack the kitchen and bathroom to clean them up. My laundry is behind until next week, so I am going to continue handwashing items to ensure that my little girl has enough school clothes to wear for the next week that actually fit her properly. I'll be doing a few of my clothes as well, and at some point this weekend I'll be washing my little girl's blankets because they are overdue.

No Napping

I will not be taking a nap today because it will throw off my sleep tonight. I intend to stay up until I cannot keep my eyes open to aid in sleeping through the night. I have found that when I lay down for bed early I wake at odd hours of the night and have trouble getting back to sleep.

Yesterday I laid down from four to six, and then from seven until eleven. I'm not sure what I did during those times I was awake. I only know that I watched MASH and at some point I took the laptop out of my little girl's bed. I also sent a text to my boyfriend which did not receive a response because he was working.

Occupy My Mind

I'll be reading and writing today to keep my mind occupied. Instead of the kitchen timer I'll be using commercials and streaming shows to time activities. That'll give me plenty of breaks from my screen and I won't have to reset the show or restart the commercial. When they end I stop the task, it doesn't matter if I have finished it or not.

I discovered that I didn't get as much reading done as I would like yesterday. I intend to read two chapters today, which will still put me behind finishing the book I am reading by the end of the month. It is part of relaxation, and I should probably do it when I wake up but I'm afraid that I'll lose track of time. I don't want to miss the school bus, there is no one to take my little girl to school.


Tomorrow I hope to walk to the store to get a few things we need. Today I will make due and perform tasks by hand while using make-shift trash bags to ensure that there is nothing on the floor.

It is time to begin hiding toys once again so that they are out of the floor. The fact that my child is going to scream is something I just have to deal with, I'm not getting evicted because she will not mind. We have nowhere to go, and no friends here. My boyfriend is the only person that I have and he lives an hour away. We aren't to the point of moving in yet, we aren't even to the point of my moving closer to him yet.


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