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Observational Poetry that leaps from Spirituality to wacky nonsense all wrapped up in a beatnik box with a banana bow

Better Buck

Ice coffee sunrise
Wet pavement
Medium air
Soft footsteps of a punk rock king
Sold out to cash in

Lost in a swirl of papers
A mode of meditation
Nature brings me to Hashem
One is all
All is one

Angelic beings stand in front me
Three in number
And he who looks like the son of man
Calm to the touch

Above me a chariot of fire
Lights of the rainbow flashing
Wheels within wheels
Seven sided faces
Seven sided wings
The number 40 imprinted on my mind
No words spoken
Though they speak in my brain
A face similar at Akhenaton appears
Stairs into my heart
Then vanishes
All secrets revealed
Mans rules place aside
At a peak yet still so ignorant
A jump forward into degrees

The number 40 swirls within me
The number 40
The number 40

Monkey Finger

Everybody knows finger
Everybody knows monkey
Lift up your veil girl
Arabic perfume makes me dreary

Get your eyeball sockets
Broken heart lockets
Up two is fats Waller
Down town is Ono Lennon

Go swirl in a sunset
Float on your ice coffee
Crushing winds take us away
To the deep smooth of Oz land

Everybody knows finger
Everybody knows monkey
She makes my mind linger
Chunky is funky

Fix the desert sky
Liquid metal tear jerk cry
Slim salad
Puppies getting fatter

Nothing has meaning
Just keep on trucking
Out dated clothes are in
Not the ideas that made them

How much longer will I have to hear her?
Seems like its been hours
Its just the same routine
My mind is bored but my baby wants more

Everybody knows finger
Everybody knows monkey
A reason is treason in America
Freedom is out of sea sores

America- never existed
Freedom- ultimate pipe dream

Glorify Allah

You have put my mind at ease
The negative ones have vanished from my life
I find myself in a new world
Giving a new life
All peace and glory belong to you
Only you deserve my complete submission

Guard Off

What the world was at my birth
Is now a memory
Old enemies gone
Borders moved
Attitudes changed
And when I’m gone
The world I leave behind will change too
Forever is only a second
Eternity is a blink of an ego

JAH World

So many of you claim to be free
Yet you live in mental slavery
Pretending to hold the secret key
Your still hiding from reality
Living in a world of illusions
Getting others to keep you in your situation
That way you can blame us all
While you build your walls

Keep judging by the skin
One day you’ll find flesh means nothing
A rotten corpse has no meaning

A mans skin should have the same meaning as they eyes
Same meaning as the eyes
Same meaning as the eyes

You spout off idiotic phrases
The fools those who scorn wisdom

Take no responsibility
Just blame it on society
Talk peace while you make enemies
Looking for gaps in history
If you can’t put together your puzzle
The truth you try to muzzle
You are nothing new
Just a product of a warped point of view
Place the word duke in front of your name
You’re still a racist just the same

So many of you claim to be free
You’re still in mental slavery

You’re not authentic
You’re not authentic

If you can’t live as Selassie I taught get out of the way
If you can’t live as Selasse I taught get out of the way

Lunchtime Now

Lord my God
Lead me where you need me
I am your servant
I am your tool
You are the only one I need
You are the truth
The light
And the only way

Next to my God
Your teachings are a hard correction
A pill too big to swallow
I must take correction
Place your words as a rock in my life
I must swallow the pill

The prophets have spoken
All praise is due to the most high

Moorish Orthodox Church of America

My church has no walls
It is limitless
My church accepts all
Regardless of gender and race
My church is your church
It is autonomous

My church has no one clergy
Everyman a priest
Every woman a priestess
My church is Orthodox
Without dogma
Without creeds
My church is free
No donations needed

Those who share my church are renegades, outcasts
They are poetic revolutionaries
Chaotic magi and peace loving anarchists
Marijuana smoking opium orgy loving righteous family
They are these and all in-between

My church has a name
It is the Moorish Orthodox Church of America


A cherry tart sweet
The ways of a woman are like honey
Be not taking in O men
That which is tasteful may lead to your destruction
Preserve in self-discipline
Remain at the head of humanity, as Christ is the head of you
Up hold the laws of God
And you shall have peace eternal

Those who give in to the tasteful
Taking off their crown
Forgetting God gave them limited days
They uphold lovelessness
So they go the way of sin
Into damnation they walk
Never knowing peace but constant unseers

Glory to God
Glory to God


I will be your Guru
As long as you don’t give me everything you wish you had
I will be your Rabbi
As long as you don’t love me
I will be your priest
As long as you don’t hold me to unrealistic piety
I will be your wondering preacher
As long as you don’t turn me into a myth
I will be your prophet
As long as you don’t turn my favorite places into shrines
I will be your Brahman
As long as you don’t expect me to return
I will be your Buddha
As long as you accept that I am just a man

I will be whatever you ask of me
Just don’t lose touch with reality

Noble Drew

I saw his picture on a website
I dug deep to find his path
I found his people from New Mecca to Boston
I heard his words within my mind
His numbers writing on my soul
In dreams I spoke with him
His direction I have followed
Noble Drew
Noble Drew Ali
The great American prophet of these times
You are always with me
You are always with me

Oranges in 100 boxes

Sip your tea and close your eyes
Fix your mind on the menthol sky
Water drips come on in
Dance with the white dragon

Copper smiles bake pork pies
Rainbow splinters in toenails cry
Little angels slowly turn blue
Heavy fog over takes you

Humidity never lost that long
Swipe the girl until you’re gone
Hurricane swims the placid sea
Odorless liquid turns to vein mercury

Zero to forty in a dial twist
No joker can resist
A daydream among the leaves
Too many holes in your sleeves

Sip your tea and erase your eyes
Nothing lost in menthol skies


Hello panda
How are you?
Drifting through time
In and out of consciousness
Is serenity all you find?

I remember you playing footbath
And tennis
Always kept your hands busy
But your mind empty

Are you at the window?
Are you at the window of your soul?

Your gender grows peculiar
It blooms only when Venus appears
All your flowers speak to Virgo
Like in the myths

Hello panda
How are you?

Paper Sirloin

Tears waterfall down my cheeks
I have hit a wall
A point in life I can’t get passed
Drowning in a black hole of graveyard mud
Suicide_ haunts my mind
I live a wasted life
I am useless
Tears waterfall down my cheeks
As I plan to end my life
JAH help me
JAH help me

Poetic Bombs

Setting off poetic bombs
Terrorist with a pen
Lifting the skirt of Maya
Finding a way to live
Helping others on the railroad
Dangerous because I dare to think

To Most High

One God
One God
From Adam until today
One God
One God
Showering mercy on us all

Why do you pull away?
Your father calls your name
He gives you only love
You give him only pain

One God
One God

Acknowledge your father
Put away your silly reasoning
He gives you only the truth
You spread only lies

One God
One God
From Adam until today
One God
One God
Showering mercy on us all
You say you bring the light
Though darkness is your domain
When the lord speaks to you
Cover yourselves with the seasons of shame

Forgive us Father
We know not what we do
The prince of the wind has blinded our souls
Our inner man caged within

Forgive is Father
We know not what we do
Afraid of tribulation
We look for an easy escape

One God
One God
From Adam until now
One God
One God
Showering mercy on us all


Just another summer day in June
A woman in pink is staring nervously
At another lady
A black sleeps with a newspaper over his face
While a white guy passes out Jesus flyers
A Korean man smiles as he holds his child
A Muslim woman says hello

Just another summer day in June
Two hobos are fighting over whisky
A dark haired lady shows off her body
Waiting to break her luck
Policeman rides a horse through a crowd of children
Mothers swoon
Pimp watches his new whore

Just another summer day in June
Blond lady gives a blowjob to her boyfriend in a parked car
Eight ball sitting on a bar
Sweet jazz music fills the air
A Japanese woman getting laid by a gang of white men
A nun praying in the shade
Three little girls sell lemonade
Coffee is being sold just around the corner

Just another summer day
Just another summer day

What's in a name?

Some call me Azoth
Some call me Solanum Bey
Others call me Bekle Berhane
No matter the name
I am I just the same
A radical child of the Most High
Abba Allah
Abba JAH


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author avatar Abdul Batin Bey
I am a free thinking writer with a twist of beatnik and off the cuff dry humor. My writing focuses on a wide range of topics from spirituality, landscapes, emotions, politics and the surreal.

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