Time for a Holiday

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Jenny feels that taking a holiday might help her to forget her break up with Tim. Her friend Sarah is looking for a holiday romance, but Jenny is definitely not. Read on to find out what happens next.

Time for a Holiday

Jenny had been looking forward to her holiday for quite a while. She worked in a ladies dress shop, and they had been very busy over Christmas, and then in January with sale time too. Being on her feet all day, and keeping a smile on her face when she had the most difficult of customers was wearing. Saturdays were particularly busy, and sometimes she longed for a job where she could take the whole weekend off, but right now, she had a job, and for that she was grateful.

February was a bleak month, both with weather, and trade, so her manager was more than happy for her to take a week off then. Holidays were much cheaper then too, which suited her, as her job wasn't highly paid, so she opted for a late saver trip to Malta, staying at a hotel overlooking the bay.

It was only 3 months since she had parted with Tim, and the pain was still there, and what had it all been about? She wasn't sure really, just a stupid tiff, but her pride would not allow her to contact him. Maybe by now, he had found someone new. She didn't care to find out, and her flat was certainly very lonely without him, so she was off to sunnier climes.

She arrived in Malta

Jenny hadn't been brave enough to holiday alone. Sarah, her closest friend was single right now, and looking for a holiday romance. Jenny wasn't., she wanted to enjoy the sun, as they had just left cold winds and rainy days behind them when they had boarded the plane.

She felt her spirits lift when they got off the plane, the sea was a sparkling blue, and the sun was warm. It was maybe too early in the year for a dip, but a walk on the golden sands , and a trip to see all the beautiful scenery would be very nice.
" What a nice room, with a view of the pool and the hills,and its even warm enough to sit on the balcony!" exclaimed Sarah.
" Yes, I am going to put my lighter slacks on, we can go and grab something to eat," said Jenny with enthusiasm. She had vowed to leave her feelings for Tim very firmly back in England, and enjoy this week., and the change of scenery had already buoyed her up.

The girls both got changed, and as it was time for the evening meal now, they went downstairs to the restaurant, where there were many things to choose from. As they sat eating their chicken salad, it wasn't long before Sarah remarked.
" There's a very handsome guy with dark hair and eyes to die for who is staring right at you."
Jenny blushed, without even looking at him, she said primly.
" Not me, it will be you he wants, and anyway, I'm happily single right now."

She tried to believe what she was saying, and she wasn't sure that Sarah did, but what good would a holiday romance be anyway? She would then go home and never hear from him again, if Sarah was ok with that then fine, but it was not for her.

Later that Evening

It was inevitable that later that evening, after they had enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine, that the handsome man, who was called James, and his friend Simon, who was the complete opposite, having a short blond crew cut, and very blue eyes, would join them for a friendly chat. They spoke about where they lived, which surprisingly wasn't as far from where the girls lived in Surrey, they were both in banking in London.

Jenny found herself melting, and she spoke about how she worked in the shop, but really wanted more out of life.
" I didn't go to University, my grades were not that high." she explained. " Anyway my parents couldn't afford it, but I get by, I have my own flat."
" Are you happy in your job?" asked Simon, he looked sympathetically at her.
" Oh yes, and I get the pick of all the new clothes, with a staff discount."
" Well there you go, that is what counts, and you might even work your way up to manager one day."

Jenny had never thought of that, and the idea sounded good. She could see that Sarah was absolutely smitten with James, and she had to admit he was very handsome, but warning bells sounded inside her. Handsome men were not always to be trusted, but Sarah was a grown woman, and if she was only after a holiday romance, then that was fine.

So they spent the rest of their week with the two young men, and by the time the last evening came, Sarah had gone some where with James, and Jenny was prepared to spend that last evening in her hotel room reading a book. So she wasn't expecting the knock on her door. When she opened it Simon stood there very awkwardly.
" I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your company this week Jenny. I recently lost my girlfriend, and James was all for coming away to find a holiday romance, but I didn't want that. I just came to keep him company, but I really feel I have made a friend with you."

Jenny was completely bowled over by his honesty, and ended up going downstairs to have a last drink, and a talk with him. He explained how his girlfriend had gone off with another friend, and it made him feel as if he mistrusted all women. But Jenny had made him realise most women were kind

Jenny told him about Tim, and their stupid tiff, and her pride, and how the holiday had helped lift her spirits. Later on they were joined by James and Sarah, who were surprised to see them both together.

At Home.

Sarah had explained on the way home about James. He had been good fun while it lasted, but she wouldn't have wanted a permanent relationship with him.
" He was always looking in the mirror." she laughed.
" But what about you and Simon? "
" There was no me and Simon, we were just friends," said Jenny firmly.

But when she got home, she started to miss Simon, his smile, and the earnesty in his blue eyes when he had listened to her troubles. His kindness when he had made her feel that being intelligent wasn't everything if she had a job she enjoyed. Thoughts of Tim were rapidly fading away, she remembered his selfishness at times, and things that she had overlooked when they had been in love. The way he had told her she needed to be more ambitious.

What a fool she had been. All she knew about Simon was he lived in Surrey, she had no phone number, email address or any way of contacting him. Feeling pretty desperate, she texted Sarah, did she have any contact details.?


Jenny suddenly felt so elated, she hadn't been looking for love, but she had certainly found a true friend in Malta. All she knew was she wanted Simon in her life, and it seemed like he wanted to be a part of hers. She picked up her mobile, and put in his number. Going to Malta had been the best thing she ever did.

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