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Well, this is it. The day I have decided to commence filming of my new version of "Created by me", about a guy creating a time traveling robot that then drives him out of his own life. Well, actually, I have decided to rename it to "TIMEBOTICS". Just sounds more alluring I'd say.


The set has been standing for some weeks now, except for one of the pictures on one of the walls that keeps falling off. I keep sticking it on with fresh mirror tape, and it holds for a while, and then it falls off the wall again.

After the first few opening shots, comes a shot that I have to be in too. My hard work from the past weeks of trying to get myself into better shape has paid off as far as I can see in the mirror, but it seems I have also hit some kind of wall with that and the past few days my progress have been going slow in that regard.

What do I look like on camera? I watch the replay. Ok, not half bad! I think we can use this. Thank goodness! Of course I'm not any kind of fitness magazine cover model yet, but I'll keep on looking better every day as I keep exercising hard over the days of the shoot. How in blazes did I lose my camera-readyness anyway? Out-of-shapeness is like a very long term disease. It creeps onto you veeeeeeeery slowly over months and years, until one day you see yourself on film or on a photo and go "haa haa, who's that fat bastard? ... oh." You can't notice it in the mirror for some reason. Guess that's why I have noticed in the past that fat people don't know how fat they are, because in mirror reflections they can't see the extent of it.

I do about one page of the script, and then go to my editing suite.

Earlier today I have contacted a voice artist I had used in the past, and asked him if he would like to be the narrator of this movie. Very professional and very quickly he got back to me and said yes, and it wasn't long before he had recorded the lines I emailed him. What a great guy!

I completely finish the first one minute of the film, with music, voice-over, dialogue and foley. Instead of doing the dialogue ADR, as has almost always been my custom, today I tried re-recording on the camera mic the lines of dialogue right after filming every shot which they are spoken in. This works fine, although I'm not sure the camera I'm using has such a great microphone. Maybe I can use the Zoom H4n recorder that an old friend sold me once. It just seems like re-recording a line or three right after they have been spoken, is easier than having to ADR an entire scene or movie at a time. Dunno. Maybe it's just because it's a new way for me of doing it that the freshness feels better.

Yes, I think as I watch the first minute, THIS is the atmosphere and feel I always intended for this film. It has that feel that makes you as the viewer want to be there. This is what I missed in the previous version of this movie.

Actually, I think too many movies and shows you see on TV in our time, has this problem that you see the impersonal characters and computer generated gibberish up there on the screen, going through things, mostly horrible negative things, and you as the viewer don't really care; you've gone into a cold mode of either "move things along already coz I'm getting impatient and bored" or "yeah, just f*** already" or waiting to see the people die already and see the violence and other cheap thrills because really that's all there is to the movie. Not to mention once you've seen a movie, you're like "seen it" and just forget about it.

Very few movies have that quality that draws you in and you enjoy it so much, that you often times think back on it and want to rewatch it again on those relaxing days that you want to enjoy your old favorites. Of all the millions of movies I've seen, I wonder if there are much more than five that I can say after days, weeks, months or years of watching it, I just suddenly one day miss it and want to experience it again. Those are my treasured few that seem to never get old to me.

Anyway, after watching this one minute of my movie, I can feel it has that quality of being just so nice and beautiful, hypnotic and addictive, inspiring and warm and fuzzy, with just a tad more wonderfulness and surreality than real life, that I know I'm on the right path so far.

The next day I start working on the second minute of the movie.

Still a very long way to go, but I'll get there.

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Nice post!

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