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This poem is about the many hurdles that life presents us, laughing at out dreams till we can bear the weight no more.

Greatest challenge

Life is truly the greatest challenge,
Through the ups and downs,
Trials and tribulations,
I will survive,
I will survive the pain,
Seek comfort from the truth,
Never give the spark of hope up,
You may knock me down,
From that I will burn,
Force myself to rise again,
Growing stronger,
Feeding of the raw emotion,
That’s about to burst from my chest,
It strange when I’m down,
Things are looking grim,
The light has dimmed,
I can’t see straight anymore,
The time draws near,
But know that fear shall not control me,
Shall not bind me,
Have to work so hard to claw back,
What I lost,
Each time I take a step forwards,
I slide two steps backwards,
It’s so infuriating,
I just want to give up,
Pack it in,
Then I remember what I’m fighting for,
The rage rushes back,
Flooding out the depression,
Revitalising my weary body,
Lending new strength to my resolve,
I’ve just been born again,
Looking up at the newly risen sun,
It warms me,
Pulling me from the depths of my stupor,
I know not who my friends are,
Where my family lies,
I know not,
All I know is one thing,
To survive,
I have been battered and bruised,
My body and soul,
Running on adrenaline,
I can’t stop now,
Won’t stop now,
There’s blood pumping in my temples,
For I would maim you,
To claim the right of my survival,
My heart rate slows,
The blackness claims me,
Sending me into rivers,
Of sleep,
Even before I hit the floor,
One thought remains,
Slowly wafting through my mind,
I will survive

By Carsum Din


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I am a passionate poet with a vision that will simply blow minds. I am 23 and this is what I live for.

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
17th Jul 2011 (#)

"I will survive", a great resolution indeed!

Very positive and inspiring.

Wonderful poem.

Straight talk with bare facts of the struggle of living.

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author avatar micromi23
17th Jul 2011 (#)

thank you sir

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