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Dear fellow writers, these tips will help you get more views for your Wikinut articles.


Wikinut is the foremost and most popular article writing website I have ever come across. The best Part is that it does not require you to have an adsense account to earn money, it pays you on the basis of the number of pageviews your article gets per day. Therefore it is very important that our articles maintain a high quality. However, writing high-quality articles is not enough to generate income on wikinut. My tips will help you to earn more from wikinut and get more views per day.

Your Title

Now the first thing that comes while writing an article is its title. Many people live under the misconception that writing articles in all block letters will be more eye catching. This is wrong. This makes the article look clumsy and wikinut doesn't even allow you to write titles all in caps. For example, HONEY AND HEALTH or Honey and Health, which one looks more appealing to you? Always make your title look attractive- for example- 5 Surprising Ways to Be Happy in your Life instead of just Be Happy in your life. Remember that the title determines the first impression the people will form of your article

The Article

Next comes the body of the article. Make the content interesting. Avoid grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Try not to use more than 600 words for a single article. The article must be written in a simple and straightforward manner. The content must be bold. Try to make your article more attractive with relevant pictures. The article body is very important and has to be given maximum attention.


Advertise your article on different websites, blogs and social networks like Facebook, twitter, Digg it, etc. This will make more and more people aware of the article and draw traffic to your pages. Take a little time to post links to your articles at different places in the web. This is also so a very important as you will receive payment based on the content quality.


Follow the above tips and you can observe your page views and earnings on Wikinut increasing everyday. These are the most important things when you want your articles to earn traffic. Not a Wikinut author yet? Paste on the link below in your browser to join Wikinut:
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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
14th Apr 2013 (#)

Lucifer, I do not think payment is based on page views. People complain Wikinut pays little but online writing does not reward generally for the time and effort put in. I put more effort at another site but it did not pay me at all as I am a non-US resident. Wikinut may not pay much but it is a welcoming site otherwise. There is real camaraderie here with moderators also chipping in generously. Though few fault the "star" page, I feel it makes one to put more effort to earn them - siva

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
14th Apr 2013 (#)

Its more the content of your writing , your charisma, your lifestyle and you that makes the money. It you have what it takes, it will bake to get the cake.
Well honestly, I came to tell you this, your name points your orientation as satanic and what you write, in other words are the satanic verses. Your name is the hint to begin with and comes everything else. Won't be reading your stuff again as you are not the side I want to be at as you have history and baggage even before you started out on wikinut, leading me to believe you have other accounts and are as deceptive as he is-Lucifer that is.

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author avatar lucifier
15th Apr 2013 (#)

I am really sorry for writing that wikinut pays you on the basis of page views. I have already edited the article, actually I do not have any other account on wikinut but I write on other freelancing sites and this article contains general guidelines which apply for both wikinut and other revenue sharing sites.

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author avatar Ptrikha
18th Aug 2014 (#)

Also, revamping older articles, adding images and videos helps boost page views.

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