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Spiritual poetry by Tirzalishezz. From longing for a soulmate over visions of the spirit realm to conversations with various deities, and more.

Lying In Bed

Lying in bed

Lying in bed...

& thinking about you.

I wonder what you feel like,
What you sound like,
What your smell is
& your taste

Is your face scratchy or is your hair soft?
Is your voice high-pitched or deep?
Somewhere in the middle?
Do you ever smile?
Light your eyes up when you are
Full of mirth
Having fun

Do you like laughing?
What does your laughter sound like?
What does it feel like?
How do you touch?
How do you hold?
Are your hands rough or smooth?

When you walk
How do you walk?
Legs wide apart like a sailor?
Striding purposefully
With determination?
Lithe as a panther
Even on uneven ground?

When you climb
Would you like to sit
On top of the world?
Look down from a distance?
Smile at the folly of humanity
Like the gods do?

What when feelings get intense?
Do you bite your lower lip?
Do you press your lips together?
Do your lips open?
Are your eyes shut or not?
How will you look at me?
How do you look at the world?

So many questions
About things you can only experience
Not write about
It will never be the same.

Yet how will I quench this fire
Of curiosity
Inside me
Before it kills the cat?

I want to experience you, my warrior of light...

(©Tirzalishezz, 20/01/2012 – 01)

What I Didn't Say...

What I Didn’t Say…

When I look at your picture
Sitting on that chair
Looking up with your intent gaze
Into the lens
I want to sit on your lap
Preferably naked
I want to wrap my arms around your neck

Glorious, strong man
With smoldering, cold eyes
Sharp and cutting-edge
Yet so seductive
So hypnotic

I long for you to kiss me
Hold me tight while you do
Press me against your hard warrior’s body
While I try in vain to move back a little
So I can take off your shirt

I’m imagining…
How you move your hips forward
But then you are too impatient
To keep your clothes
Touching your body

I feel the change in you
The urgency
The predator has awakened
You allow me
To take off your shirt

I am shorter than you
I have to stretch up high to get it over your hands
Stretched up over your head
Your lips close around the rosy bud of my breast
Before you

Your tongue
Plays virtuously
The melody of my rising longing

You open your pants and take it off
Kicking it away from your feet
Now I feel you in all your glory

Skin against my skin
Heat kindling my fire
What was that sound?
A voice?
Mine or yours?

The sighs of pleasure
Rise in their intensity and volume
Hard flesh presses against soft
You lift me up and slide me down
On your warrior’s sword
The blade thrusts deep inside me
To the hilt

You stifle my cries with your hungry lips

This is only the beginning
Of the things I haven’t told you yet

I play at being a good girl
Hard to get
Until, one day, you’ll know better
When you hold me in your arms for the first time…

(©Tirzalishezz, 20/04/2012 - 02)

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
20th May 2014 (#)

so glad to see you hear dear Tirza...welcome to this marvellous site...

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author avatar Tirzalishezz
22nd May 2014 (#)

Thank you, Carolina. It was your link I followed, haha! So glad to be here, too! <3

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
20th May 2014 (#)

Love, longing and passion -ingredients for a meaningful life, so well told - siva

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author avatar Tirzalishezz
22nd May 2014 (#)

Siva, it is indeed. It was quite a passionate love affair. ;)

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author avatar Tirzalishezz
20th May 2014 (#)

Thank you, Carolina! I am glad to be here! <3 Siva, I am very happy you enjoyed reading this. :)

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author avatar WOGIAM
20th May 2014 (#)

I enjoyed reading your poem, the power of words and love.

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author avatar Tirzalishezz
22nd May 2014 (#)

Thank you so much, WOGIAM! I'm very happy you liked it! :)

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