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I have been studying many areas of knowing over the past 50 years and in this piece I share some of it. It is as much my reality as yours is yours only I have the courage to write about it...many are too cowardly to do so...not all of you...and so it goes....enjoy

Wishing on a Star

When you wish upon a star
Do you wonder whom you are
A piece of putty perhaps
Waiting to be molded into a song
Or maybe a dirge

It all depends on you

All day and night
These songs go on
Melodies from up above
Some from far below

It all depends on you


The ears a vessel for the sound
From kidneys they are bound
Contract when noise becomes too loud
Heart beats stronger because of this

Information great indeed
Never can be learned at school
Takes a one like my friend Mark
An acupuncturist
Many modalities he doth know
And shares on IHOP2

Mediocrity and asses

Many will put such information down
Knowing no better do they
Just as some do not agree
With my knowing of spirituality

I care not a whit

Over 1500 views a day
Why should I worry what little people say
Or do
They caught up in mediocrity
Bound under Law of Moses
Going no further than the Bible says

Pity them I do

Work in Progress

My pieces go across the world
In Asia Europe Russia too
They are viewed
On Twitter, LinkedIn
Just a few

Melodies played everywhere
Sound and Light they do eschew
People pick them up and know
What Is
What is going on

A work in progress
This it be
And glad am I to do

and so it is


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I have been writing on food, wine, travel, cosmic creation and erotica for over 30 years I do horoscopes and numerology and light readings.

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author avatar snerfu
27th May 2014 (#)

Great work cnwriter. But 1500 views, well that is unbelievable. Good article.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
27th May 2014 (#)

maybe but it is so and sometimes over 1700 too...

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
27th May 2014 (#)

Wonderful piece love, wish upon a star from that Rose Royce song, CHEERS!

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
27th May 2014 (#)

thank you so much Fern...

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
27th May 2014 (#)

Well played. That'll show 'em!! ;)

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
27th May 2014 (#)

Yes...about bloody time too dear Phyl....

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author avatar spirited
28th May 2014 (#)

fifty years, carolina.

That's a long time!

We all have access to this knowledge, you are showing to us all what is possible, and what we too can all be capable of.

A very great work indeed!

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
28th May 2014 (#)

many thanks my friend....

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
28th May 2014 (#)

Thanks for sharing the art of the possible but that did not materialize overnight - siva

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
28th May 2014 (#)

we pay our dues Siva and gain rewards if we have paid them well....

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author avatar Kingwell
29th May 2014 (#)

Thanks Carolina. I am pleased with 500 views - but then I don't make money here.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
29th May 2014 (#)

nor me but I aint in for that...that is for sure...blessings...

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