To Forget

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How easily we can take people for granted, especially if they do not complain

To Forget

What a joy it is to awake in the morning and what am I smelling
It just the sweet aroma from the kitchen of the breakfast she was making
Then after showering and shaving I was even more amazed
To see how she managed to press and have my clothes so well laid
It was such uplifting to see the happiness as those eyes brightly sparkling
Like the finest jewels there are adding more light to that of the morning
So I could not hold back any longer but held her so close to me
The warmth of her closeness certainly made both of us so happy
This moment though so good still affected and touched me in a way
Because one again I have completely forgotten her birthday

In this state I sat and enjoyed the meal which to my appetite did appeal
But around the table there was laughter and talks about situations so real
Then again my heart was heavy as the children with smiles presented their gifts
How this made me feel so down and what can I do to give myself that lift
Now feeling so insensitive perhaps selfish to be so unromantic to be so remiss
As to forget someone so special very important day like this
Seeing those little ones who have been here for what can be an instance
Could be the ones who were able to remember this day of such importance
So that made me felt that I have to spare no time or quarters
To ensure that I must go and bring her that bouquet of flowers

So during the day I definitely dug into that part called the memory
And certainly travel through that pages and stages of our history
Looking at any moment of such significance and of any importance
Memorizing and making on the calendar for that future reference
So that when the occasion comes my head would not be down
I would be able once again lift my voice and sing a romantic song
It is very easy to take someone for granted who do not complain
But on soul searching the one not reciprocating tends to feel the pain


Enjoy, Expectation, Exploit, Granted, Remiss

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