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Writing online is often through many sites, venues and sources coupled with meeting many people in the virtual world. How we perceive the interaction and react is completely up to us.

Where we choose to write

Where we choose to write is entirely up to each of us to decide, to a point. We might not get past the application process for some companies, we might be unable to write about certain subjects or a site may be limited in which countries it is available. Most PPC sites and general writing sites have a variety of topics and offer an opportunity to anyone able to write a decent piece on a particular chosen topic. It is our choice how we view it or react to what goes on with the site.

Why we choose the sites we choose

Simple and straightforward, first and foremost - money. The opportunity to make money writing about something we are interested in or don't mind researching. We can take professional gigs, paid to right on a topic picked by someone else, with no choice as to what it's about. We can have deadlines, stress, new clients to learn what they expect and rejections.

The PPC sites and easy to write for sites have appeal for ease, no deadlines and lower expectations. There's always rules and guidelines to follow and these can change at any time - and usually do. It does no good to rail against the system; it isn't our system.

Letting go

Everyone will always have their favorite site, the one they like to write on most, and those they get more "attached" to, for various reasons. It makes little sense to get attached to someone elses baby to the point of anger or having all our eggs in one basket. We should build our own base, what belongs to us to be attached to - and market it. Write a book, build a blog, or ten. But keep adding to your online content on various sites.

Don't get attached to that which you have absolutely no control over - it doesn't belong to you. Only the content you submitted does and only if the TOS you agreed to say so - read it and know it before you write.

Any site will make decisions based on the current best practices for online content and their most likely goal - money. It is their baby, not ours. Don't allow yourself to get so attached to a site not yours to the point of losing money, getting angry or causing yourself any grief. The internet can be quite fickle and ever-changing. Learn to roll with it, move on or otherwise stay on a productive track. It's not much different than shopping your favorite store and they quit carrying your favorite items. You'll likely still shop there for a while, seeing if they have a suitable replacement for the product - one you can buy in a familiar setting.

If it doesn't "work" anymore and you don't get what you expect, move on and be prepared before it happens. The internet writing scene is a fickle one, nothing to get emotionally attached to, lest it break your heart someday. There is really no reason to be emotionally invested in an internet site, no matter how good it is to us.

Enjoy whatcha got while ya got it

It's great to jump in and go full bore, giving it our all and having fun while doing it. You should try to give your best and follow rules, even as they change. Expectations need to be realistic and expecting no changes to what you've become comfortable with isn't very reasonable. All things internet change, almost daily.

Think of it as a short romance, not meant to end in marriage or "until death do us part" and you'll find it easier to adapt to change, not get your feelings hurt or get angry. You'll see it for what it is and enjoy the time you have together.


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