Today I Am

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After a period of introspection and growing-up, this is what I've come up with.

Today I Am

Today I am a rainbow stretching above the city,

I’m Jonathan the seagull aiming for the heights,

A picture-perfect smile on a face so pretty

That the sky fills up with a million kites.

Today I am a woman, a daughter and a sister,

I am somebody’s lover and everybody’s friend,

A children’s song or poem, as fun as a tongue-twister

You say over and over, until it makes no sense.

Today I am a picture, a wink, a song of freedom,

I am the foam of waves, the coolness of the wind,

That newly born excitement with every change of season,

A handsome horse’s gallop through a large poppy field.


I Am, Today

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
22nd Sep 2012 (#)

I am the Rivers, the sea and the lakes,
One with the Universe Creator makes.
I am the Sun, the moon and the Stars,
I cover the world with scented flowers.

I am the Valley, the mountains and the pass,
I am the sand, the time and glass.
I am everything the world wants me to be,
I am loved and all for free.

For in this world I have tasted bitter and sweet,
Seen the open and done discreet.
But its who I am that makes me wise,
For I am the Angel with who gaily flies.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 22nd September 2012

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
22nd Sep 2012 (#)

For in love I transform into the Creators' bride,
To love him true and to confide.
I am everything he ever wants me to be,
Its the I Am presence just for free.

For I am but his Freedom Star,
With a Soul Star near and far.
The Victor once vanquished welding sword,
The Lover and beloved of every word.

I am the Lady, I am the child,
I am the Universe who love cries.
I am whoever you want me to be,
For I love and cherish all for free.

If you hurt me he hurts you back,
For he does all to get me back on track.
He is my picture that I always call,
In his great presence I stand tall.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 22nd September 2012

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