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I wrote this article as part of the requirement for a wonderful online course I took called "42daysofwriting." This course taught us how to write in the flow of consciousness genre letting my ideas flow on paper without reservation.

Today I choose

Written May 31, 2005
Today I choose to scatter the joy. Given the fact that I am about to lose my day job, these words at first seem meaningless to me as I see no joy in the moment. Upon examining that simple phrase more thoroughly, I realize that my present vision is very shortsighted. Why is it that I cannot see the proverbial forest for the trees? I have let myself concentrate too much on the small picture and not the larger one.

God and the universe

Who am I? Am I only a product of the present job I work for? When I think about it, I cry out in disgust for I know that I am much more than that. To allow myself to be reduced to the job I have or do not have is a personal insult and a grave injustice to my person, my being, my spirit, and my soul.

Today I choose to scatter the joy - such beautiful words. Words filled with hope and inspiration, simple words yet powerful words that we all can live by. We are all born as children of God, children of the universe, or children of whatever higher power we choose to believe in. That Creator, that higher power, instilled within each of us the joy that he/she felt upon creating us. If we choose to ignore that joy, we choose to insult the Creator. Thus, we reject the love and joy within him/her and within us. Just as I feel insulted, I can see how God (my higher power) would indeed be insulted as well. Are we not all created in his image?

Today I choose to scatter the joy - I must look for the joy that is within me. I must not let a personal crisis destroy me. I am much more than my present job. I must repeat these words over and over again until they are integrated within my soul.

The joy within me does come forth to scatter itself in many ways even if I failed to see it before, I am far wiser now. The blinders have been lifted from my mind and my heart. I can see through the trees of obstacles that I have planted for myself. I see the beautiful forest my joy and my love have created. I am no longer the nursery woman of despair. I am the gardener of joy and love. I am the harvester of well being.

Write from your heart

I feel the joy I pass on to my beloved animals. Pearl, one of my two female cats, displays pure ecstasy when she sits lovingly on my lap embracing all the love I have to give her. Her beautiful white head is tilted, her eyes are semi closed, her pink ears pointed forward, and her tiny pink button nose reaches for the sky. She appears to have a slight smile; the smile of contentment, as she purrs loudly, enjoying all the attention I give her. She does not care about what I do for a living, nor do my other four animal babies, all they see is a loving, caring person, who ministers to all their needs.

My son has expressed over and over again how he couldn't live without me. How could any job mean more than that? My boyfriend has expressed how he felt empty and alone before I came into his life. I have in fact given him great joy just as he has done for me a million times over. Family is all about love, all about joy, all about living each day as it comes. It is about rejoicing in the little things; the wonder of life.

My writing has touched the hearts of hundreds of people over the years. They have experienced inspiration and joy from my musings. My e zine Storytime Tapestry has reached the homes and hearts of thousands of people as well.

Elderly people have written to me to tell me that I am an angel filling their hearts with joy each morning as they read my newsletter with their first cup of coffee. Some have mentioned how they have no friends nor family and that my e zine has become a new and precious family for them. Others have expressed how my newsletter has filled the empty void in their lives.

Many new writers have thanked me over and over again for allowing them to see their name in print and to showcase their work. They tell me I cannot know the joy they feel. I laugh as I write back and say "But I do, for I am a writer too."

Some writers thank me for allowing them to express themselves fully without length or content restrictions the way other online e zines do. My response is "write from the heart; write from your soul, we all have a story that must be told. I will not and I cannot justify censorship of these true and honest feelings."

I ask myself, "How can I deny my readers the joy that comes from my writing? How can I deny the joy that comes from reading my newsletter, and how can I possibly deny my writers the joy from pouring out their heart and creating a piece that can and does inspire others to reach such heightened levels as well? How can I deny myself such joy?

My being is a conduit of love, joy, and well being. I am the Master's creation. I follow in his service. My mandate is to share his love.

Today I scatter the joy and I will do so all the days of my life, for myself, my family, my readers, my Creator, and you!

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
7th Apr 2015 (#)

Beautiful! Inspirational! Wonderful!

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author avatar WOGIAM
7th Apr 2015 (#)

I am inspired by your article, and today i choose unconditionally share my love and time with those i love.

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author avatar Kingwell
7th Apr 2015 (#)

One of the best articles I have ever read. Your words inspire me! Blessings.

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