Today's Effect of Light, expensive.

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What we have done before we were always able to do, it is our awareness that brings us forward.

Today's Effect of Light, expensive.

The question occurs once a while, when I’m out walking to get fresh air for writings, then I notice when the streetlights are turned in, probably by a light sensor or preprogrammed to a certain time, the reason I mention that is I have an app on my phone and it shows when the civil sunrise, official sunrise, nautical sunrise and astronomical sunrise, and of course the sets of the sun just as rise.

What I then came to think about, was the previous lights, it was not very intense, but okay bright, then I look at the new, now I don’t know the actual effect of it, but it could be the same as the old, just a restructure of how the lights are directed and reflected.

Now my third view of thought is when the analogue counter, many still has them and are afraid whenever it runs fast, that means something is really using the electricity, and people quickly searches for the error in panic, have they even thought of that if the analogue or digital meter stops, which means, no power, wups, that was the opposite again.

So when we think of the old days, when we started with candles, and someone came to our house and showed us: this thing right here will light up your house 10 times as much as your current candles, and the salesman or woman showed the electricity. And that is another form of expression of what had, can and will be done, full expression of Laws in the Universe.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
8th Jan 2014 (#)

We should become more aware of positive aspects of creation and use it to better the whole creative process - siva

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